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  1. Who wouldn't support new content? But is this the best time to spend a long time on a single update? Or we rather keep with frequent but smaller and important updates? ^^ About shops, as I always say, come with items ideas rather than the idea of adding new items to a shop, we always want to add new items, but the problem is finding them...
  2. Just saying, I'll not put items from other shops and content. the purpose of skill points is just to be ranked, a way to players grind and relax and measure their progress...
  3. Community Input Rune Pouch was reduced to 750 Participation Points. - Note that the main purpose of Participation points shop is to provide unique consumables features that assist players, making Rune Pouch break-able and recover-able defeats the purpose of it all. Nex Sets will now provide tolerance to all minions at God-Wars An Al-Kharid teleport was added to cities teleport. Saradomin brew flasks can now be noted. Fletching experience for magic longbows was raised. (Poll still open, but if fails, we will reverse) Degradables Restoring You may now use a degradable item on another to merge them and restore the integrity of one. Donator Zone #2 It was requested to bring back the old donator zone, the argument is that it was a cool chilling place, with that in mind, some modifications were performed in that area to make it more like an arcade chilling area, and keep Donator Zone #1 useful for training purposes: 1 - Players will not gain Experience while in Donator Zone 2 2 - Any gained experience there will be converted into Donator Skilling points, which is unlimited. 3 - Every time that experience is given, the 'resources' counter is increased. Instancing A system to have instanced items was created, we are now ready to add support for instanced bosses once interfaces are finished. Combat Staff of Light will only absorb melee damage now. Armadyl Godsword accuracy was buffed by 20% Lucky Weapons have 2-5% of accuracy and damage boost compared to the original weapons. Participation Point Shop Box of summoning ingredients was added for 250 Participation Points. Bug Fixes Glory Teleporting system was improved to prevent teleport without degrading it. Plague Top visual glitch was fixed. Dominion Crossbow is no longer trade-able. PK Supply shop is working back now. A Small problem on NPC updating system was fixed. Make 10 x Shortbows option is now working. The broken anvil at Donator Zone is fixed. Castle Wars boss is working back.
  4. Hello Players, Today some short Tuesday adjustments release! Combat Changes Dragon Spear Some balancing was performed in the Dragon Spear, Zamorakian Spear, previously if multiple people used these weapons special attacks on a single target, they would stack and possibly keep target stunned for minutes. Now you can't use these stun special attacks on players that are already stunned, also the players stunned are given 1 tick period of immunity after stun wears off, allowing them to consume a food or potion as they wish. Duel Arena Position improvements Now players no longer should be positioned on top of each-other. Now when there are obstacles and no-movement is enabled, it will prevent putting the opponent to the other side of obstacles. Bug Fixes Facing directions were improved while performing Spear Special. Yew Log Firemaking Experience was fixed. Fight Caves will now reward Tokkul when leaving the cave. An abuse with Crystal Teleport was fixed. Flasks from super super donators now will reduce properly. Stunned NPCs should no longer keep attacking and following. Dragon spear special will push NPCs backwards as well. The answer to Clue Scroll task "How many cannons does Lumbridge castle have?" was adjusted to '9'. The Warning message for when current area is too small for the player's familiar will no longer be spammed. Server Restarts no longer will allow players to CW capes and hoods. All Revenants max hits were adjusted properly. Revenants no longer will count player's prayer protection when choosing weakest combat mode. Players are no longer able to teleport during combat using World Map teleport. Kalphite Queen was fixed.
  5. Could you please contact me at Discord?
  6. Reduced for HCIM an d yes Firemaking XP was increased.
  7. can you please recover my account? 


  8. Hello Dear Players, After a long time with no updates, we are finally releasing the update which we hope to be the last that will be so huge. In this update the whole NPC system was removed and recreated from the scratch, means that all bosses were created again, and tons of regular NPCs have received attention. Since this update required to rework 30% of server core, I was unable to release any other update in this period, however this is the last core rework needed, as skilling will not need a core rework, so from now on I'm planning to bring weekly updates. I have mounted the schedule and I'm hoping to be able to follow it strictly: Monday: Bug Fix + Suggestions Input Thursday: Release + Suggestions implementations and minor changes Wednesday: Advertisement & Content development Thursday: Content development Friday: Content Development + Community interaction. So as you can see, I'll be making an effort to interact more with you guys and bring more constant updates and bug fixes, while still spending most of my time on big updates. Please check out some of GrinderScape future plans to be aware of what is coming next! There has been one week of testing and I'd like to thank everyone from Discord who helped testing the bosses. Summary 1. NPC System Rework 2. WildyWyrm (Wilderness Boss) 3. New Items & Drop changes 4. Crystal chest 5. QoL 6. Bug Fixes NPC System Rework As I have already mentioned, the whole server npc system was reworked from scratch and is now much more powerfull, you will be able to see our new potential in the new WildWyrm boss, so you can expect much more quality and challenge on the future bosses (Nex, Gano's, etc) As mentioning all chances related to NPC system would make this thread rule, and I have spoken a lot about it, please refer to this link to view more about was worked on in the previous month: Now players will also absorb NPC damages! And player's protection prayers (steel skin, etc) will also work against NPCs (which didn't happen), and now players defence will affect NPC's accuracy (unlike atm which is your attack affecting NPCs accuracy, duh...) Unlike ever happened, now monsters accuracy will be affected by player's armor and prayer status rather than just level. Aggression We can now attribute special factors for a NPC to be aggressive against a player, such as bandits being aggressive against players wearing a saradomin or zamorak item. Tolerance We can now attribute special tolerance factors for a NPC to ignore a player and do not be aggressive against him, such as God Wars minions that will be tolerant to players wearing their god items We can now attribute a tolerance over time, meaning that after a period of time that player remain between a type of NPC, the NPC will get used to this player and no longer will be aggressive against the player until the player leave the area. All bosses were reworked, even tho I attempted to keep them the same in essence, you will notice some differences. Corporeal Beast The Corporeal Beast was moved to his proper lair, and now it's mechanics are very similar if not equal to real RS Corporeal Beast The Beast will absorb 50% of damages not dealt by Spears, so the best way to defeat it is by using Zamorakian Spear The way that players can reach the Corporeal Beast is still from Ferociou's ring. Mutant Tarn As I've said, I tried my best to keep the bosses behaving the same in essence, but adjusted some graphic glitches to make it more professional Kree'arraa Now Armadyl God is much more realistic with it's attacks working as they should Tormented Demon The tormented demon now should work exactly like Original from RS, the tormented demon switches the Protection Prayer every 32 damage received, and the shield will absorb 75% of received damage, in order to remove the shield, player must inflict a damage from the 'Darklight sword', the sword is now available as reward from crystal chest. The Tormented Demon switches the attack type every 15 seconds. We realize that players may not be used to this demon difficulty, but we will see if players can adjust or we change a few aspects according to feedbacks. Untouchable Slash Bash Castle Wars boss will be available back in future updates WildyWyrm A new challenging and rewarding boss can now be found in the wilderness, it's advised to do not attempt to kill him with items that you are not willing to lose, this boss is REALLY DANGEROUS and is recommended to bring at least 5 team mates to assist you. Locations The Wyrm will spawn at up to 5 different locations, each location will broadcast a respective message: "The serenity surrounding the Moss Giants are disrupted by the arrival of the Wyrm." "The abandoned mine shakes, as the Wildy Wyrm emerges from the ground." "As if Demonic Aura and Avatars wasn't bad enough, the Wildy Wyrm has arrived!" "The adventurers are frightened, as the Wildy Wyrm blocks the path through the forest." "As the Wildy Wyrm emerges from the ground, the clans postpone their war to another day." The WildyWyrm has 3 Life Stages The 1º Stage beings when boss reach 80% of life points Once Wyrm reach second life stage, it will spawn Wyrm Minions, based on the amount of players around, the minions will attack players from distance or move to players stunning them, they drop food, potions and royal|coral bolts once killed. Once the Wyrm moves to the next stage, the minions that are were not killed will sacrifice themselves and heal Wyrm by the double of their current life points. During that Stage, while Minions are alive, the Wyrm will absorb 75% of any received damage . The 2º Stage begins when boss reach 50% of life points At that stage the boss will enable Smite Prayer and drain Player's prayer upon every attack. The 3º Stage begins when boss reach 30% of life points At that stage the boss will enable protection curses and will deflect some of received damage of that curse type. Immunity The Wyrm is immune to the following things: Poison, Retaliate, DreadNips and Ruby Bolt Enchant. Skulling Players who are attacking him with 3 or Less equipped items, may be skulled. Here are some of the mechanics of the new boss: Meteors Rain Meteors will fall everywhere, with guides showing where they will land, damaging anyone within 2 of distance from where it has landed, which will heal the boss by the total of damage dealt. Meteors fallen right over a player will deal Real Damage, meaning that will not suffer absorption or prayer protection. The Wyrm becomes invincible for 7 seconds while meteors are falling down. Rebound Blast Throws a blast upon an entity, that will sequentially ricochet upon up to 6 players, the blast penetrates into target's body and all them explode at once, the max hit starts from 10 and is increased by 10 every time that it ricochets, allowing up to 70 of Range damage on the last affected player. With Ranged protection enabled, the first targeted player has a 50% of chance of blocking the ricochet effect upon others. Condensed Ray Shock Throws a Ray Shock attack onto a single target, this target will have it's combat interrupted and the players within 1 distance will be shocked and heal the boss by 25% of the damage received. Rage This attack will reach 80% of the players around the boss and heal itself by 50% of the damage dealt. There are up to 12 different attacks, but that's a surprise which players will have to figure out themselves. How the Wildywyrm drops work: Up to three players are able to receive a drop from WildyWyrm. The minimum percentage required is calculated by: (100 / total of attackers) The drops are rewarded from the player who dealt most damage to the least, each time a loot is rewarded, the drop chances are reduced by 25%. So first killer has 100% of regular chances Second killer has 75% of regular chances Third killer has 50% of regular chances. The Wyrm drops 5 pieces required to build a Royal Crossbow: Royal bolt stabiliser, Coral Crossbow, Royal sight, Royal frame, Royal torsion spring In order to build the Royal Crossbow (unforged) you should put all those pieces together: To finally forge the crossbow, you have to make your way to the King Black Dragon and fight him while the unforged crossbow is in your inventory, then once attacked with King Black Dragon's fire breath, you must be using dragonfireshield, and you may absorb the fire heat, smelting and being able to forge the Royal Crossbow. The crossbow will last 12 hours in combat, using any of those pieces on a degraded crossobow will recover 25% of it's integrity. Wildywyrm will also drop the full Royal D'hide set. This set is better than armadyl, as a mid term between armadyl and pernix. (Max hit is using prayer and potions) The Wildywyrm will appear on the kill tracker and anyone that has dealt over 30% damage will have the kill tracker updated. Any of 3 rewarded players may receive a pet, the chances are 10x higher compared to other pets given fact that spawn delay is much higher on wyrm. New Items & Drop table changes Dragon Kiteshield Dragon Kiteshield was added to Kalphite Queen drops Armadyl Battlestaff Armadyl Battlestaff will be dropped by WildyWyrm. The staff has 15% Magic Damage, and will cast Storm of Armadyl spell faster than usual. The spell provides infinite Air Runes. It takes 3 seconds to cast the spell without the staff and 2.4 seconds with the staff. Armadyl Crossbow The Armadyl Crossbow was added to Kree'arra drop table. The Armadyl Crossbow doesn't degrade and the special will increase damage by 15% and accuracy by 100% (double), using 40% of special energy. Even tho on OSRS the crossbow is dropped by Saradomin God, it will be dropped from Armadyl God as it's a harder boss to be defeated and deal multi target attacks, unlike saradomin, thus it deserves a more worthy drop than it currently had. Ice Whip was moved to Ice Queen Skeletal body and legs were removed from the dagannoths drop table put into the wyverns drop table. Bandos Whip was moved from Abyssal Demon to General Graardor Now all aviansies have proper drops. Crystal chest Various monsters in-game will now drop tooth and loop halves which you can use on each other to get a crystal key. You can use this key on the chest at edgeville to receive various rewards. One of these rewards is the teleport crystal which can teleport you to some locations. You can use this key at the crystal chest which is found south of Edgeville Some monsters that drop these key halves for the key: Dragon, Aviansie, Gargoyle, Nechryal, Demon, Fire Giant, Aquanite, Kurask, Dark Beast, Dust Devil, Cockatrice, Basilisk... There are many more but these are just some to give you a general idea. Combat Dragon Dagger's special now receives a 15% Damage Bonus like OSRS. Armadyl Godsword was buffed according community's request (Applied months ago) Dragon Claws was buffed according community's request (Applied months ago) QoL Ice Giants will now drop Frozen Keys that should be used to enter the Wyverns cave. The Mutant Tarn and Ice Queen entrances were improved to make it more clear where the portal teleport player's to. Now a label will display your kill count as well. Boss Kill Count rewards were improved to balance a bit more with skilling income. Every 10 bosses killed, players gain 10M Every 50 bosses killed, players gain 50M Every 100 bosses killed, players gain 100M Every 1000 bosses killed, players gain 1B The Coins reward from sortition was reduced for Hardcore Ironman as requested by community God Wars minions are aggressive unless you have an item of their god equipped. Dharok the Wretched will now have max hit increased according life points lost. Guthan the Infested will now heal from damage dealt Bug Fixes Crystal Bow no longer will activate bolts effects The issue at right click equipment options displaying glory teleports on all items was finally fixed. Firemaking was adjusted to be less exausting Slayer Staff was fixed and no longer will provide 50% magic bonus. Attacking a player at wilderness no longer will transform player's red skull into white skull. Blood Money task was fixed. Looking for trouble task was modified Dragon Scimitar special effect is now working properly. Pernix set will now require 80 ranged as supposed to be. Supporter title is available back. Dagannoth's teleport title having a typo as fixed. Dagannoth's Prime and Suprime no longer will drop 2x bones. You may no longer morph while resting. Fixed some wrong messages at Slayer Shop The area behind knight castle is no longer wild as supposed. You no longer can enter in the chaos dungeon while teleblocked. Antlers will now be positioned at the correct slot. A system for custom note IDs was created (Noted item id that are not the unoted version id + 1) Now Wyvern Bones are note-able. That's it guys, I hope you all loved the news. Even though the content was tested by a lot of players for a week, many bugs can occurr given the amount of content reworked, so I'd like to ask for your patience in case something occur and promise that I'll attempt to address any possible issue as fast as possible.
  9. We used to use Launch4j and I have plans to implement some sort of thing, that assists into installing Java, etc.
  10. Yes, people in discord are helping test, once that's finished we are releasing.
  11. Please Pool it! Would be great if divines exploded too
  12. Pool it to make tradable then
  13. Can you stop glitch my specs? :troll:

  14. Once this boss is finished I may open for beta test and if everything goes fine will be released soon, after some performance improvements.
  15. Will be Royal Set as rare, the others should still be decided.