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  1. I'm kind a enjoying this bug "Easy tokkuls"
  2. What do you think about this stage 7, stage 1st was full of Tz-Kek 22lvl, then from walking i keep getting to others waves :D. Wave 1, looks legit
  3. buying 7-40m osrs, paying nex sets/vines IGN: Skillelt
  4. i think i will stop with this "20m to hero" since it will take lot of time, i thinking just make my ddsing vids, what do you think folks?
  5. maybe ill make one day video named that, but only when stake will be over 50b
  6. that was little fail, too lasy was to re-do it since it's 1ep, just to see does people wanna see more, or what!
  7. So hello, i'm bored af, and i made 1 video, the reason is, that show players how easy is to get money, that the won't begg everytime even for 10m. wtf? begg fro 10m? when you can get it easy in 1min. So yeah. If you wanna more videos like that just press Thumb up in youtube, or if you wanna different type of video just write in this theard.
  8. skilellt entry 4
  9. skillelt entry 3
  10. skillelt entry 2
  11. skillelt entry#1