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  1. Welcome back
  2. Just wanted to show you guys my progress with the new clue scrolls update. This should also give you a better idea of the loots and rates. The drop rate isn't that bad, I'd say it's very decent. So I killed around 2200, had around 200 kills on Mithril dragon before. 28 total scrolls from 2200 dragons is not bad Result of 28 scrolls Please don't roast me
  3. Nice bank dude. I like how you are calling current staff "staff hunters" Also were all staff hunters, even you and I. Please leave Grinderscape on a positive note if you can...
  4. Great idea, you got my support with this one
  5. Gz to all the spammers. I mean winners sorry
  6. Looking good man
  7. I vote yes, he is a good role model. Keep doing what you are doing
  8. Gz Blake, I know you will do a great job
  9. Thank you for these updates, time to get these new titles!
  10. But i'm going to miss you ingame. No more trolling
  11. No support, we don't need to make life easy for everyone.
  12. How about duo slayer lol, but i like this suggestion
  13. Good luck with everything dude
  14. Damm 419 vines. Hope you can rebuild
  15. Merry Christmas ! all