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  1. So basically you're saying you have to use your own accounts to use a war. It's not their fault that they have more people on their team than you do. @Soccerlove @Niels - read pls kty
  2. This was a pain in the ass to read... Updates come when they're ready, although they do take long.
  3. Lolno, no point, it'll still happen.
  4. Because they weren't online when I took the pictures, look at the time this was made. All those pictures were made in the same 10 minutes.
  5. The rule was removed to increase activity, it has increased, but not in the right way.
  6. I'd like to reply to your post but it literally makes zero sense. Please go back to school. Also @K yle, why can he reply when he's banned?
  7. I even posted pictures of Bdx/Varranak and Chainfighter. I like both of them. We aren't even losing, we made them sit today. It's not about winning or losing, it's about the entire playerbase containing new accounts of current viners and new people getting camped.
  8. The amount of people in weapongame (if they'd be on single accounts) it would still be cool. Lots of old viners came back and just started camping new people wtih their accounts. Pretty sure you're not reading the thread, I said I took the pictures today and last time I checked those people you named weren't online when I was. My CCB was boosted in 4 days because apparently I need it to stand a chance against you guys.
  9. The point was to make it more active, it's more active with current and old people, but uh, not really with new people.
  10. http://forum.grinderscape.org/settings/signature/ There you go.
  11. That nearly made sense.
  12. @Soccerlove @Niels 9th of October, just a casual day in Weapon Game after not logging in for days. Boosting, multilogging, camping.. no fun? basically all that happens right now is multilogging with 3 accounts to boost or camp people. New people literally stand no chance unless they let the high levels boost first, ridiculous, right? It's been going on for a while now and I've mentioned it a shit ton of times to staff and they said they'd look at it, still no response. So basically I'll show in some pictures how bad it actually is at not even peak time.. Below are some pictures of people who have more than one account online. Basically everything that happens is boosting, multilogging to stand a chance etc etc... No I didn't only take pictures of my "enemies",there's also friends in here. It's bullshit that something like this is allowed to make a game "more active". New players stand literally no chance.. Why not just change the rule back? -Sven
  13. Was your tampon stuck whilst typing all this? Fuck man, y'all get salty over nothing lately. C u tomorrow