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  1. You honestly got me way too good on the Aprils Fools post, man! A good one indeed brother! :') 

  2. RASHED!! I log on to visit and read this, and my heart literally sank a bit for those who are active here and then noticed the joke! Honestly got me real good and was about to message you asap, haha! Great Aprils Fools (6 days after LOL)
  3. Hey GS Community (& those specifically into graphics!) I have put together a few of my recent graphic I've "created"; i.e- I've made one by scratch, used a pre-made font, and just other types of graphics. Comments + C&C is appreciated too homies! Hand-Made (Original): New Way Products Logo- looks a lot like the Nintendo and was not at all on purpose lol. New Way: *Hasn't been completely touched up/rendered; i.e- un-straight lines* Pre-Made Font (3D Original): Based off a tutorial I learned today and actually my first ever 3D image with Photoshop (w/out using illusions). Camp Vincent: I used a font called Titilium (or something like that, lol) 1. View #1: 2. View #2: MIXED (Creative Touches & Vector/Image Placements): These two are "theme-related" with Camp, but is hopefully a bit cool to y'all! 1. Short Week: Batman & Lego Themed 2. Bowser in the Sky of Diamonds I hope you enjoyed/liked them, and hope to hear what y'all think!
  4. Heyoh! So, about a week ago was my birthday and the day after I got the crazy lucky opportunity to go on stage with the Arkells. & If you know the Arkells, well you know they are pretty rad and great rockers. Anyway, I wanted to share a video of me rocking out with them and hope y'all enjoy!
  5. Hey Grinderscape! So, after sometime coding and gathering the right images for my Camp's Website, we have finally released our themes on a page that looks sleek and appealing to the eye (especially the parents who are reading it). Anyway, let me know what y'all think of it! http://www.campvincent.com/dates--rates.html
  6. Hey guys/gals, I'm having a lot of trouble with having a textbox/popup come above my weeks along with the image changing too. The picture is in the spoiler for example: I've image mapped each box so that if they are "clickable" but I'm having so much trouble trying to define text boxes that come above when the mouse hovers over and changing the image when the mouse clicks it. Example: onmouseover: using this guy so when you hover over the boxes a new text box or popup comes over top with text describing the week. onmouseup: using this guy for the release of the mouse and for the image itself to change entirely If anyone can help me with this I would love you so much. Sincerely, Joshua
  7. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the kind words! If there is anything you think would be cool to add/possibly changeup- I'm open to suggestions as well! Thanks Koen! I do hope to be posting them for at least a few more years but after that I might be too busy with life and a real career finally!!
  8. Hi there Grinderscape community! Many of you may know me, many of you probably do not at this point in time. That is okay. I would like to show you some of my graphics that I have designed for my camps programming/themes (storylines) throughout the weeks. For those who know me, I've worked at camp for 5 years and this will be my 6th. I'm now the programming director and as cliché as some of these themes may be, please understand it is for the children and some bits are crazy, but then again- it's what draws them critters in. I hope you guys, gals, and all others enjoy! I enjoy, and recommend all C&C as well- I also appreciate it. Here are the 2017 Themes!! *PS- they are big, just sayin'!* 1. Across the Universe 2. Minecraft: The Quest for the Elder Dragon 3. The Reverse Fairytale 4. Camp Pokémon: The Battle of Generations™ 5. The Jungle Book 6. Charlie's Chocolate Catastrophe 7. Divergent: Faction Finalist Colour Wars & Here are my themes from 2016 to see some comparison.
  9. Miss you Rashed! I hope all is well with you my friend. I wanted to let you know that I might be pursuing becoming a doctor bro, I thought I would tell you because you always were asking about what you wanted to be with engineering, rocket science, environmental studies, and all that jazz! Anyway, take it easy buddy and hope to skype maybe sometime in the near future. 


    Cheers Rashed,

    Your Friend Joshua! 

  10. So, I definitely haven't posted a graphic design in a long time and I would like to share with you guys some work I've created for my camp. These are themes for each week and once we implement them into our website we will make it so that each time one of the themes are clicked the background will change for that week. The images are also quite large so I put them into separate spoilers with the week name above. Hope you guys enjoy the work and obviously I used stocks, vectors, background images, and so on- most of this is a put-together piece with my own variations along the works. So you may CnC (constructive criticism) if you would like but these are not going to change for the most part as I've worked alongside others for constant feedback in the process of making these. Week 1: Girls- The Secret of Vincent Cove Week 2 Boys- The Camp Awakens Week 3 Girls- Battle of the Bands Week 4 Boys- Jungle Run Week 5 Girls- Through the Looking Glass #1 Week 5 Girls- Through the Looking Glass #2 Week 6 Jr. Coed- Where’s Waldo? Week 7 Sr. Coed- Gameshow: The 5th Wave
  11. Jplayer is a great friend of mine as of a very long time ago from here on Grinderscape. From my time here, as a staff member, I remember Joao as a stand out member in the community because he wasn't rude or too obsessive to obtain a staff position. Since then, he has definitely put in a great deal of work from graphic designing and signature contests to in-game monster guides and helping the Grinderscape community. I've watched him progress through the years and even though I'm not that active here anymore, every time I come onto the sever (in-game or forums) there is always good things to be heard about Joao! Congratulations brother, and may you choose every decision with integrity and for the benefit of Grinderscape and the community within. Your responsibility is large and the server will demand a lot from you, especially members that don't feel comfortable or those who are being flamed- hopefully these problems decrease with your new promotion and I know you have the skills and tools necessary to do a great job in this role. Good luck, and enjoy that blue crown homie!
  12. LOL! Wow I won, that was interesting. Well thank you!
  13. Owner: Joetoe Co-Owner: Icarly65 IGA: Colin (Aliens) Forums Admin: Sir Bacon IGM: Jason (Cocky) Global Mod: Whitey Server Support: Alister Shoutbox Moderator: Grinder Backup Anything: Cpt Dex Mainly oldies but goodies, haha! I don't know the current staff good enough but I'll make a legit one for some people I know! Owner: Grinder Co-Owner: Soccerlove IGA: Jplayer Forums Admin: Jplayer, Jordy IGM: Jonny Global Mod: Jordan Server Support: N/A Shoutbox Moderator: So Skinny, So Yontoo
  14. Hey, I want to share my favourite band with you all. It's a reggae, rock, and hip-hop type of band with a ton of positive vibes, relaxing beats, or upbeat tunes! I'll post in categories of each type of their albums It's beautiful. Sound of Change [2014] Phantoms of Summer: The Acoustic Sessions [2013] Cabin By the Sea [2012] Any Port In a Storm [2010] I hope you all enjoyed the music!