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Arcane Blast

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  1. hey snake i heard u buy os gp for black listed ppl
  2. no
  3. lol ye if i ever get to login i also dont get my two super donators back cause i changed my paypal since they were paid for
  4. I just wanted to log in but then remembered the game would still be boring even though it got reset because already completed it enough times and know what the endgame is like smh

  5. did u know the r in women stands for rights

  6. no one was gonna take that anyway
  7. do we need like the paypal receipt for our donations (ranks) to get them back because i got super donator on my accounts a long ass time ago and have since lost the proof of purchase @Pb600
  8. how can u play so long and be so poor all the time
  9. the jews did it

    1. Arcane Blast

      Arcane Blast

      the titanic

  10. holy shit so cringe as always
  11. only faggots watch anime
  12. tag me
  13. make it have a minimum hit of 50-50 spec
  14. gratz kys