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  1. fally party room lets go
  2. I'd rather see it give more herbs like rs, pretty sure the max you can get from 1 seed is 8 right now maybe have it go up to 10 when using it.
  3. didn't know dragenforce2 got a name change, neat Congrats jack!
  4. ye focus on pvm/pvp pls
  5. Sure why not
  6. nice achievement there man, hope to see much more from you in the future!
  7. jack is the prime example of a 10/10. he helps people ingame and is good person yes
  8. joe i think u spelled "dragenforce2" wrong
  9. looks dank, anything planned for people with all 350s?
  10. i sell for like 400t grinder or 3b 07
  11. Ok gime like 420m that'll be good
  12. http://imgur.com/a/pCTNv
  13. ye task master/comp isn't too hard. it'd be nice to see some new ones
  14. Gonna be sad without you on nubber. thanks for sticking with me through the lows, put yourself first and face dis shit head on. don't remember to forget to log on pls
  15. owo animu