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  1. How's everyone doing on this fine day? lol

  2. Red, white and blue... Best of luck to everyone!
  3. Sad to hear what has happen, but got to look ahead and move on. What happened, happened. These upcoming updates/content you guys want to have look great and can not wait for them!
  4. Typing Challenge Hey guys Old Nite here! Just wanted to do a little challenge for fun Its a typing challenge to see who's the fastest. were going to use 10fastfingers typing site Post your results, and have fun
  5. Thanks! I'll add you in-game! Thanks Zerc ! Thanks Nate ! Yes it is, haha thanks Frenzy ! Thanks fpr88 ! Thank you everyone for the warm welcome you guys are awesome!
  6. Hello everybody! My name is the Old Nite, or you can call me Sean. Whatever floats your boat. Anyway's I'm just happy to be apart of this community. As I heard great things about this server in the past. I'll try to keep my introduction short and sweet. What happen?:'( Sadly, I join in 12-12-12. You can tell I haven't been playing for 3 years now until now. The only reason I wasn't playing on this server was because something happened my computer wasn't working...had to get a new one and life's been difficult for me for those 3 years. Deeply sorry I haven't played in a very long time. Just happy I can play the server now, and see all your awesome faces! About Me! Now, about me...I'm 15 years old, my name's Sean. I'm really nice, helpful, amiable, and I don't know about funny but I guess so. I run Track my favorite sport. I love talking to people and making new friends it's one of my favorite things to do. I love playing both pc/console games(mostly console). Been playing video-games since I was 5. If your an assassin's creed fan and ever want to talk about the game let me know I love that game or gta(Grand Theft Auto) fan! See you all on the server! Thanks for reading!