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  1. absolutely love this... keep up the great work.
  2. 74 926 468
  3. Entry #2
  4. Been looking forward to this for awhile can't wait to see how it goes. Nice job russ.
  5. Great update pb, keep them coming.
  6. Entry #1
  7. I would if i had more interaction with the other staff members, i don't get on for long periods of time atm, so i only mentioned the people i see when im on and that i feel i can actually give feedback for :c
  8. Nice suggestion saim, i think it should be 50-150 with a x% chance of getting something from activity rewards like spotting the stars are.
  9. So where to start this? Well, lets start with the top. Tyler- You have been doing a great job since you have been promoted to admin, you are respectful and handle things quite well. You are active with the community when you aren't busy and i love it, Keep up the good work. Saim- Stop abusing your powers.(Just kidding buy my statues) All jokes aside you have been doing pretty well lately and i haven't heard many complaints about you so keep doing what your doing. Icarly65- Chris i have always liked you, you do a great job as staff in any rank. Keep up the good work my man, and just be nice and active so you don't retain the nickname inactive65 J A I Z- Kyle when i do see you online you are nice and active and always help the community keep up the good work. Zoiezo- Ayyoub where do i even start? Love the great job you have been doing and watched you rise through the ranks keep doing it my man, we have been friends for awhile and i give you shit on discord and on pms but you know its nothing but love from me <3 Irish3601-CJ You have been my favorite staff member since i came back to the server. Anytime you are online you do nothing but help the community, and i love the good work you have been doing. Keep doing what you do, and ignore the hate from people <33. Russ- Aka content destroyer, you are a good guy bro keep up the good work with all the updates that you, pb and the rest of the dev team are doing. I look forward to the next pk vid <3 PB600-Loving all the recent updates and bug fixes/patches you and the dev team have been putting out keep up the great work. Staff team as a whole has done a good job, You guys are only human, and as humans you make mistakes we all do, so just live and learn.
  10. nice vid connor
  11. 1st - Outfit #27 - Mummy 2nd - Outfit #5 - 18th century colonial outfit 3rd - Outfit #20 - The first man in Grinderscape 1st- Really like this as a mummy, great outfit. 2nd-Something about this just sticks out and i love it. 3rd- love the originality of this one haha.
  12. Gratz saim, now get out there make some money and buy my collection.
  13. pretty cool update nice job pb and dev team.
  14. Yes, from me i support this one russ.
  15. Shit this is a wrap, russ and connor gona win cuz russ's stats are boosted(he's actually just pretty good at the game).