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  1. I asked a long time ago if I could be a video manager with you, and you said no, because you already have it all, now, I see that you are a little absent and are appearing several apply, so it would be a good time For me to be a video manager and help you, when you really come back, you can remove this rank.

    1. Magnata


      I'm Username AK7

  2. Nice video mate, the effects sit pretty good on the montages and the kills are very sexy the sound is a bit none quilty for some reason and I would make the zooms (in and out) a bit more accurate on the bit it takes more time but worth it also try and zoom in and make it so you can't see the xp bar/private messages it is un clean to the eyes atleast in my opinion a clip with out it or zooms with out it will be much more cleaner and nice to look at "smoother" i would call it. keep going @Koen
  3. Omfg, guys i'm so sorry for not seeing this thread before! i'm super busy in real life and can't get on forums much I love you all so much <3 !! thanks a lot ! i will try to make a thread of the birthday i had and the fun things/pictures from that day @Koen @Valar @Dragenforce2 @Saim @Taalq @Master Diceee @Jess
  4. Nice one mate, few tips: 1. lower the music a bit it is pretty loud especially to headphone users 2. put the fire under the layer of the text ( if chroma key is needed so it be) 3. i would light up the area around the text/scren as the fire goes up and down to make the effect nicer and bring it to "life". good work overall man keep going ! @Koen
  5. Hello guys, I will make it short while explaining it all, I decided that the GrinderScape official facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Grinderscape.org/?fref=ts) should get some boost in both new posts ideas & events. The people that are going to help me running the facebook page as "Editors" will be: @Jake & @Saim , there might be more in the future but for now i think both Jake and Saim can be very helpfull with making events coming live and boosting our facebook page up. I will manage the whole thing including Jake's and Saim's work but i'm sure they will do good. What is going to happen to our Facebook page from now and on is: * More posts, pictures, videos and small events being advertised on the page. * Big and rewarding events (ingame prizes, donation prizes and even In real money giveaways). Basically making the page look better and more active We would love if you guys can help, spread the word around ingame/forums, like our page, our posts and comment on them Thanks for reading! Your mate K F I F/Amir
  6. K F E F was a nice guy folks
  7. @Koen I appriciate the words man, i'm happy you achieved all these goals and showed us what an amazing year you had, i'm also happy i was a part of this special year it was fun teaching you the editing secrets good luck in the future Loves your mate Amir/K F I F <3
  8. Congratz Joe, you deserve it after all the work you've done for the server! Good luck at your new spot man !
  9. After ~20 hours of filming and editing the new GrinderScape official 2016 trailer is finally out! Check the trailer out, be sure to share, like & comment to help and spread the word about the trailer! close the lights take your sits grab some popcorn and enjoy!
  10. Trailer is very soon to come after so many hours of working on it! Check out my editor setup
  11. Hey guys, so the combat update is out and thats means i'm going to make a brand new official GrinderScape trailer! I would like to see some suggestions of what music i should put as the trailer soundtrack/song Thanks ! <3
  12. Thank you for the feedback man @Dragenforce2
  13. Hello guys, as you all know and noticed our new awesome combat update released with all its features, for it to be heard across the internet in order to bring many more players into our server i would love if you can take 1 minute of your time to like, comment & share our combat update related facebook posts so we can all enjoy seeing more players joining and having fun! All you need to do is go to our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Grinderscape.org/ Like, comment & share and together we will spread the word! Thank you all <3 Your friend Amir/K F I F
  14. Very nice change man, you turned into a very nice helpfull guy and a lovely person to talk to congratz on the promotion i'm sure you will do good brother! Goo luck @Sir Wizard