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  1. Still can't spell for shit
  2. £5 you're getting an infraction for disrespecting staff.
  3. What else do you expect them to do? It's one of the only 2 rational options. Blowing air up someone's arse at this moment isn't going to do anything.
  4. How did you even last this long
  5. This strong feeling of déjà vu
  6. Honestly, that's not even too much compared to people I speak to in chat groups.
  7. Changed my username so the link got changed too, here's the new one https://myanimelist.net/animelist/ZetsuenT
  8. Any bets on how long this one's going to last for?
  9. Surprising enough to get me out of the shadows. Congratulations.
  10. Good business moves. Proves he excels at economics.
  11. Who tf do I cause trouble for now. Meh I'm surprised you managed to stick around for this long with more than half the people on the forums being complete asshats.
  12. Probably gotten a lot of positive comments above so I'll just mention a few things I found kind of off-putting. There's quite a few clips that have been reused over and over again. Also, you absolutely went ham on the camera panning, par example, 0:47-0:59. It just felt too much, in my opinion. Though overall, it's a pretty nicely edited video. I tend to click away if I don't like something but in this case, I managed to watched the whole video so that counts for something, I guess.
  13. But an infraction is a warning.
  14. Grinderscape has been saved. I think. Maybe.
  15. R.i.p. Elmo. Ngl I'm kinda surprised you stayed this long after Jordan resigned since I knew how close you two were.