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  1. 1-28 EVENTTT

    Grandem -- 2
  2. Guess the Number 1-100

  3. give away on vid!

    Grandem --- 2
  4. New Server Support

    Congratz oldfag
  5. My In-Game Resignation

    Thanks for the mention mate, I will never forget what you've done for Grinderscape in general. And you're still keeping that up on the forums now, I have a big respect for you on how fare you've come. Who thought that that silly Brazilian would ever me Elite mod? . Alright no jokes anymore, we'll stay in-contact.
  6. Returning of our Co owner

    Finally, welcome back Ronald.
  7. New Server Supporter

    Gefeliciteerd kut :thumbup:
  8. In-Game Admin V.S In-Game Elite Moderator.

    I've reconized a belgium face.
  9. Justin's Back!

    Ermm and who are you? jk welcome back mate. Now we can finally re-open #teamtroll [MENTION=56197]Byron[/MENTION]
  10. Who will post next? 2.0

    Uhh Amir is coming
  11. Quitting GrinderScape!

    Freewilly we'll stay in contact, much love <3
  12. 1000 thanks

    Sorry had to ruin it
  13. New Server Supporter

    Finally not a stupid promotion. Good luck Thomas