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  1. Nice war guys and gg Gang! Was a lot of fun. I hope we can war again soon
  2. Voted #12 for Dragon Ceremonial <3
  3. In-game name: Gramatik
  4. Congratulations man! Saw this one coming. You do a great job as a staff member; this is well deserved. Good luck, even though I know you won't need it! (y)
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys! It's good to be back on the team
  6. In-game name: Gramatik What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Recruiter What is your Timezone?: GMT +2 How long have you played for?: Too long to consider it cool sharing this piece of information. How many hours do you play per day?: I believe I average a solid 2 hours on weekdays. May fluctuate depending on how busy/not busy each week gets. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: Since around the time the meteor struck Earth and caused the dinosaurs to go extinct. On a serious note though - since 2013. Do you have ::yell?: Yes. Why should your application be accepted?: I believe I've been a pretty solid helper in the clan chat and know Spectrum fairly well as a clan. Would like to be a part of that community once again more than anything.
  7. In-Game Name(s): Gramatik Age: 22 Timezone: GMT +2 Will you be active?: Yes. I have been fairly active for the last month+, and intend to maintain a good level of activity. How much do you usually play per day?: A few hours. I’d say between 4-8 usually. I start the second semester tomorrow so it will decrease my playing time but I’ll cover 2-3 hours minimum per day (on most days). Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I believe I’ve established a certain level of trust within the community. Never had a bad track record of scamming or misleading anyone and I know how to handle almost all possible scenarios in Middlemanning. Any other information: Here are some screenshots of me middlemanning with @Sir Wizard supervision (thank you for your help, Nic!): Thank you for your time and consideration!
  8. In-game name(s): Gramatik Age: 22 Timezone: GMT +2 Will you be active within the OMM team?: Yes. I will try to assist players that require middleman services whenever capable of doing so. How much do you usually play GrinderScape per day?: It may vary depending on whether or not I have work in the evening (and classes starting 16th of January). Until the 16th I can easily get in 4-5 hours minimum per day. After the 16th I will average around 2 hours online per day. Why do you deserve to be in this team?: I feel like I’m a trusted member of the community. Don’t have a track record of any action related offenses and believe my experience as ex-staff helps me in regards with OMM’ing and the process of it. Any other info: Thanks for considering my application
  9. Voted yes. He's a good lad. Really improved his position in the community over the course of time that I've been on Grinderscape after my staff-run. He's a friendly guy, definitely deserving of this rank. Good luck man!
  10. Voted yes. While I do like this combat update as a whole, the game feels so much more dull now with more mediocre hits. It is very rare to KO someone without using a secondary weapon (which usually just means camping Chaotic Maul). Would be great for a buff on Dragon Claws and DDS.
  11. Voted yes. I feel bad for the poor scrub. No for real he's a cool dude and has done wonders as a staff member. Keep it up, asshole
  12. Good luck with the pure clan. Hope to see pure PK activity rise through something like this!
  13. Count me in: Gramatik
  14. Congratulations Sophie Best of luck as an IGM!
  15. It's about damn time Kyle got the silver crown. Every time he's been staff he's been consistent with performing his SS duties. Congrats Kyle! You deserve it!