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  1. thanks nubs
  2. Thanks alot colt, looks awesome
  3. Added a new crashed stars locations tool due to a request i have gotten, check it out on page 1 *it's not really related to slayer but i might group all of my tools into one big tool to make it easier to swtich between tools so...
  4. Germany will win.
  5. relleka is near rock crabs, not rimmington.
  6. so why not make it the same no matter if there is a scroll bar or not ?
  7. why is it that in the fixed mode, tabs has 10 slots and in the "view all" tab there are 9, it's making the view all tab look really messy because in the tabs you organize it to fit 10 slots and in the view all there are only 9...
  8. Armour Stats Tool Big thanks to Joao(@Jplayer) for doing the amazing design of this Go to the Armour Stats Tool You have the slots form as it is in runescape\grinderscape, when pressing one of the slots it will change the select(drop down) under the form. In this select(drop down) you will find item names of of that certain slot. Choosing an item will update the table on the right with the bonuses this items gives. As you add items in different slots, it'll add up the bonuses accordingly. Selecting the "None" option will remove the item and it's bonuses. When the focus is on the select(drop down), meaning you pressed on it, you can type the name of the item and it'll take you down or up the list to that item as long as you type it fast enough, if you mess up, just wait a second and start typing again(you don't see what you type). **** The tool still lacks quite a lot of items ATM and it will take a little while to fill it all in, everyday i'll try to add as many new items as i can and maybe search for someone to help me to speed it up (after the combat update) **** * Pressing on an item with the mouse wheel will remove it(same as selecting the "None" option does, just faster) * Added a reset button to reset the form * Fixed the system allowing you to choose two handed items with a shield, now when you have a two handed item equipped and choose to add a shield it will remove the two handed item, or if you have a shield equipped and you choose a two handed item it will remove the shield. Go to the Armour Stats Tool
  9. The concept of ironman is for you to be self-sufficient, you need to make everything, fish the food, cook it, mine the ores and make your armour and so on, if you want all this why not just create a normal account ? ironmen should not be allowed to buy from stores at all anyway, this is just the beta version as pb said. All the stuff you suggested is basically making a normal account that can't trade other players, so just stop training people in your normal account lol. No support from me.
  10. Check out the new feature i added to this tool ! (explained on page 1)
  11. where dafuq was i when you made this, amir ??
  12. wrath is working perfectly fine, it was before when it was not working well, wrath should not drop your prayer to 0, what was before was a bug.
  13. added a potion tool into the slayer tool, if you want info about it look in the edited main post at page #1. switches between forms has been changed too, info about it also there.
  14. Slayer Tool Big thanks to Joao [MENTION=56905]Jplayer[/MENTION]) for doing the design of this here) Crashed Stars *Info for this was taken from [MENTION=56905]Jplayer[/MENTION] crashed stars guide You can put in a name of a city and it will print the information about the places a star can crash in that specific city. As you type it will auto suggest you completion of names of cities that a star may crash at. The info: The name of the city The city in the world map with the places a star can crash marked with different colors The in-games views(a picture of how the place looks in-game. * Images could take a second or two to load Other You can press to get a full table of all monsters\masters info. Go to the slayer tool
  15. Finally you posted it, it's great, Joao, Way more in details than mine and ofc the design Good job