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  1. Thanks for making this! I have a question though, what will happen with the ones who have bought (when it was allowed) or earned ranks (like myself)?
  2. Not many people apply for the Gfx Designer rank so I don't think it's needed. Also, it'd require a new (invisible) rank for the "main graphic designer" (the one who answer the applications) so they can respond/manage/close the application threads and that's too much trouble for something that isn't thaaaat necessary imo. But if people like the idea, why not?
  3. Someone also took "jplayer"... fml But they said they can reset stats and then recover the accounts for us. They did it for Niels.
  4. Wtf
  5. Same as above.
  6. When you started doing these I didn't find them any useful but now that I'm not as active as before they really help me, keep them coming!
  7. Hey Jplayer! Really love your low poly art work, can't wait to see more!


    Also could I be allowed to use that awesome Seal as a profile icon on my youtube channel?

    Here it is if you want to check it out before you say anything, thanks!

    1. Jplayer


      Sure, feel free

  8. It's not blurred actually (it was supposed to have this brush effect) but yeah, I thought the same tbh. The sig one doesn't look too good. ty for the feedback. c:
  9. So I decided to mess around with photoshop today and created this lowpoly seal out of this image: http://imgur.com/8AnyCqg. Wallpaper: Signature: Profile picture: Foca means Seal in portuguese/Spanish, that's why I dedicated it to my old friend @Carol. Hope you like it Carlito!
  10. Congratulations Jake, I mean... Jess. :')
  11. Oi, gz Tyler !
  12. You should try Nitroblast instead of Thrausi, it's cleaner in my opinion. But anyway, it doesn't look bad by any means but I think the lightning could be improved a bit (didn't like the gradient effect much to be honest). Nice work.
  13. Let's be honest, everyone knows what to expect when killing a monster. An official drop table would just clarify any doubts players may have about the rarity of certain items. But if an official drop table is ever going to be created, I think it should be published elsewhere (not in-game) as it's just an extra thing and the help desk should be as clean as possible imo. Loot beams would be cool. c:
  14. Comp cape (t) for those with all tasks and 350m's would be cool to have together with the 350m capes. Also, make the "3, 2, 1, FIGHT" longer in duel arena please (like in RuneScape, it's way better there imo - more time to prepare). Nice update! @Pb600