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  1. Definitely supporting this. Great idea!
  2. I definitely would like to see this buff. You have my support.
  3. Limited Iron, I'm glad I got to read your post. I as well am very much into being fit. It all started about two and a half years ago when I started attending a Maritime Academy and one of the only things to do on the ship during down time is to go to the weight room. Since August of 2014 until now, I've gained just over 75 pounds of muscle. My lifts have incredibly increased (from being able to bench 135 for about 3 to benching 315 for 6). I am curious, where are your lifts at? What are your PRs? How's your diet? Every night I work overnight on a ship from 8pm until 8 am so that is when I am active on GS, I just stand watch (as an engineer) so there isn't much else to do unless an alarm sounds and I have to go solve the problem. After watch, I go to the gym for about 3 hours, every day, no days off. I was asking players the other day if anybody was into lifting. I am very happy to hear that somebody shares the same passion that I do. Can't wait to hear back! Very Respectfully, iTz Fatal
  4. In-game name: iTz Fatal What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Recruiter What is your Timezone?: (UTC−05:00) Eastern Standard Time How long have you played for?: Since 2010. However, took a few years off as I had to focus on school. Been active for the last two months. How many hours do you play per day?: 5 - 8. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: Since my return in the end of October/beginning of November. Do you have ::yell?: Yes Why should your application be accepted?: The last two months I have spent a majority of my time re-familiarizing myself with GrinderScape's layout (pertaining to changes since 2011/2012), prices of items, attempting to find solution to my own problems without reaching out to others in order to confirm an answer (for example, slayer monster locations, where to find specific items, ect), as well as expressing my knowledge in other areas (such as skills/mini-games) in order to help players within the Spectrum clanchat. As I progressed through the last two months, I was able to provide more accurate information to new players in order to better their GrinderScape experience. As of now, I am 110% positive on prices and always have the price guide up if a question arises as well as my answers to guiding players in the right direction regarding any other question they might have. Lastly, I feel as if I was welcomed into the Spectrum clan chat with open arms. Many of the players are very easy to get along with, and though I have no rank in the chat, reach out to me via private message (if I am focused on something in-game) if no ranked member is on to answer and I share my knowledge with them. In all honesty, having a rank would not only allow me to become one step closer to every players ultimate goal, reaching a max rank, but also allow for a greater amount of respect from the community as I try to help others. There have been times where people question my answers just because I am not ranked, come to find out I was right, but they needed to hear it from a ranked individual. I appreciate you all taking the time to read my application and thank you for the consideration. I look forward to your response. Happy New Year! Very Respectfully, iTz Fatal
  5. Glad to have you back Blake! Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer to Grinderscape, yet again . I've already seen a large amount of activity from you so far and I must say, you're definitely doing a fantastic job. Keep up the good work and I'm happy that you were able to regain your server support position! Have a great time reuniting with your family! Happy New Year! Very Respectfully, iTz Fatal
  6. I strongly support the idea of Dragenforce2 receiving Respected Status. Since my return last month, he has been nothing but helpful, not only in-game, but on forums. He's always there to provide assistance. He's the type of player that will put other's needs before his own and that is truly inspirational. He's great at avoiding conflicts and taking control of a situation that is out of control (ie; Spectrum clan chat). The least the community could do to thank him would be to honor him with this well deserved rank. Thanks again for all of your help Dragenforce2. Sure hope you recieve this rank, well deserved Very Respectfully, iTz Fatal
  7. Great Job PB! Keep up the good work
  8. Definitely have my support for these suggestions! Great thinking!
  9. For the amount of time I put into collecting 10 elite clues (2 days) and doing the clues (approximately 30 minutes each) I would have to say these are horrible rewards. However, you win some and you lose some. I hope you all enjoy My overall consensus is that clue scrolls drop rates/reward rates do need to be reconsidered. I'm going to do 10 more. However, with such awful rewards for three days of work, I don't have any motivation to do so other than the fact that getting a 'book of frost' is possible.. though by the looks of it, not plausible. @Pb600 Thanks for watching! Very Respectfully, iTz Fatal
  10. In the "Things I like/dislike about Grinderscape" post @Pb600 clearly states that there is no PID.
  11. @Icarly65, I moved to Mithril Dragons in Premium Training. I am currently at 751 kills. Recieved: 8 x Elite Scrolls 4 x Hard scrolls I am not sure whats going on, maybe you're just unlucky Once I'm at 10 elites I'm going to do them all and post rewards. Best of luck to you scroll hunting!
  12. This is an awesome way to give the community an idea of at which rates they may receive items! I really like that you went out of your way to do this. Great job Very Respectfully, iTz Fatal
  13. Here's another!
  14. I really like this suggestion! Support 100%! Great idea!
  15. Grinderscape Community, So as stated before, I said that I would update you guys on my clue's drop rate. I focused on killing metal dragons (bronze, iron, steel, mithril) for the last few days. My metal dragon kill count since clues were released is currently: 1500 Kills The clue scroll drops that I have received are: Clue Scroll (hard): x 1 Clue Scroll (elite): x 4 1500/5 = 300. The drop rate, and it may just be my luck, seems to be around 1/300 while wearing a ring of wealth. I still think that this is a good rate (as dragons are very easy to kill and offer great profit). I did not screenshot my rewards, however, one of my elites I received 2 clean dwarf weeds and 8 water talismans. You can see how killing 300 dragons for that reward can be discouraging. I have also received some God armor but no "rare" rewards quite yet. In closing, I completely support PB600's established clue scroll drop rate as it will maintain steady economy friendly rewards for clues. Another reason is due to what he said, if he were to make the clues drop more often, we would spend time doing the 13 or so tasks (and not earning experience/other items) and have a significantly lower chance of receiving a good reward. I wish you all very happy holidays and the best of luck hunting for clues! Very Respectfully, iTz Fatal