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  1. Think about it this way; if it took him 1 day botting to reach a certain amount of xp and you jail him for 4 days then it will pretty much cancel out, he won't be able to do anything and will just lose a lot of time lol.
  2. First of all this is not to bring drama, forum is a space for free speech and opinion. IMO You don't need to waste Pb600's time removing his XP. Did you know that using jail punishment preventing him from gaining xp from a certain amount of time will have the exact same effect than removing his XP? lmao
  3. yellow, blue and red
  4. Damn she was one of my favs sad to see her demoted
  5. Since we have new features and everybody got wiped I bet a beginner's guide to grinderscape would be very appreciated (by beginners guide i meant like a general guide to start out)
  6. ya man its natural the way you felt at first but im proud u realised the staff (most of) actually works hard for grinder and most of doesnt even get paid so the least we can give them is gratitude
  7. Well i first donated for super donator in like 2012-2013 lol
  8. make a guide on how to walk in the game
  9. oh oh oh dont stop oh baby oof awchie
  10. dick is my favorite vegetable

  11. nice biron ur part of gs history
  12. some clever adjustments right here
  13. what happened
  14. since we have a fresh start can i be ron now