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Everything posted by Carl

  1. well done my boys, whats that music tho lmfao
  2. haha oh hell yes woo!
  3. yea i kinda am
  4. doesnt terrific means bad
  5. yes forum broke
  6. isnt the crossbow too hard to get to be degradable
  8. i went to the gnome hookers place
  9. id love if u shoot me one but i cant think something that would fit ur art skills $$$$$$$
  10. by the title i thought u got laid and that was ur achievement but it seems like that aint happening
  11. uhh coding machine broke
  12. Soo basicallyy u burn logs lmao
  13. He scammed me and i want u 2 pay back
  14. bye

    Ya man being an admin isnt a easy deal, it just turns into an unpaid job and your bosses ignores you most of the time even when you ask for tools to make it more enjoyable for you and the players. hopefully they wont be ungrateful eggs, cus u served so well Idk the situation but i wouldve done the same or a lot more harm if the higher ups acted like ungrateful bitches. Staff even have an schedule nowadays so if they cant even give you a friendly enviroment then we can expect a crisis on staff material
  15. Why tho
  16. Proud of my jesse
  17. What about my crib ?
  18. Ron and I are getting engaged (◠﹏◠✿) @Soccerlove and sorry but as the strong and independient woman i am i will still use this name thank
  19. sorry i have a boyfriend
  20. voted for #1. the #2 is totally unoriginally, like you see those kind of gfx is severaaaaal rsps
  21. *cough* *cough* ignore the random codes, I made a nice table to organize the information but the new forums fucked it up @Pb600 @Russ @Mateus add my crib already babies
  22. Thanks for fixing it so yontoo

    1. Cinderblock


      I creid, irl, sad, many feelings.


    2. Carl


      we both sad ):xx