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  1. Well that makes no sense haha. Thanks for answering though
  2. I'm getting close to finishing off these books, but I can't seem to find them anywhere, is there anyway to actually get these damaged books at the moment? These are the Armadyl, Ancient, and Bandos books. I've looked around but can't find them. I know the other damaged books can be found by trading bob (image below) at home, any other ideas?
  3. Yeah as soon as the bosses are fixed it can be returned to normal. But in its current state castle wars is not worth the time
  4. As some of you know, the bosses from Castle wars were removed with the recent bossing update due to them being quite buggy. As these bosses gave bonus tickets to the teams that killed them, the amount of tickets gained overall have dropped largely. At the moment with the double tickets from the vote steak you receive a measly 4 tickets for tying and 8 if Max is promoting. Where previously you could easily gain upwards of 14 per game. I'm here to suggest a temporary increase in the amount of tickets gained for playing Castle wars. Once the bosses have returned, the tickets can revert to the normal rate.
  5. About time Looking forward to seeing all your work in-game
  6. Oh god, that is terrible. Congratulations on beating me
  7. Can anyone beat this?
  8. Looking good man, would have been nice to see a timer shown, and maybe a quick summary at the end of the video. Good luck with future videos.
  9. I know, I just made this thread about my slash bash pet. But uhhm here So here we go, adding another pet to the collection Check my signature if you want to see the other pets I have.
  10. It makes sense to change the Nex sets title as we don't even have Nex in the game. I've just adjusted the page to take care of these suggestions. Thank you for making this post.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the nice words and for wishing me luck to my future goals. As for whats next, I'll just continue grinding away at 1k kills in the bosses that haven't dropped a pet yet. So hopefully I'll get lucky and be able to post more pets soon. I was thinking of adding the kill count to the signature, but it's already pretty cluttered with just the images, I could just have a list underneath it I suppose
  12. I have gained a brand new pet today. After a total of 886 Kills at Slash Bash, I am glad to have no reason to ever kill this boss again. For the record, it is easily the cutest pet by far. This now puts me at 28/56 of the pets currently in game. All though the a lot of them so far were quite easy to obtain. So its time to update my signature once again.
  13. Sadly, it took all those kills to get 1. I made a thread about it when I got it if you want to check that out.
  14. The amount of people that disagree with this is quite funny, its pretty much like taking an orange from a bucket of apples and putting it with the other oranges. And at worst would take 2 minutes to implement.
  15. Hopefully all 3 count But if not I choose the 500 kills in each pet dropping boss as it is the one I was most proud of completing.