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  1. With the recent release of the combat update, Dungeoneering Gear such as Primal / Celestial / Sag were essentially removed from PvP by requiring players to remove them before attacking other players. Although a case can most certainly be made for the Wilderness, I feel this change is really unnecessary in Minigames such as Castle Wars / Clan Wars. There essentially isn't anything at risk while playing these Minigames, and the gear definitely has its purposes in these Minigames (such as attempting to tank while running the flag, or simply using Primal Boots while PvP'ing in Castle Wars). Just curious to see what others think, as I would really enjoy using my items that I obtain on my Ironman while having fun at Castle Wars, and I don't really see a Primal Maul or 2h having a practical use PvM'ing.
  2. I would just like to take the time to say thank you to my staff. I'm lucky to have you!
  3. Looks great thanks man! Any way you could take a crack at what I mentioned in my Edit? Also hop on God of Valar in-game so I can pay you for the signature! @Valar
  4. Hey @Valar on the last picture (the signature) is there anyway you could change the text to the clan name "Smoking Blood" and maybe clean up the lines around the Clan Badge? If so I would love to use it and pay you for it! The first two aren't exactly what I was looking for so I'd rather just focus on the signature for now! EDIT: For the first picture (the banner) is there any way you could use this size image and the text "Smoking Blood" with "Adult War Clan" in slightly smaller text underneath it [left justification on image] and then the Badge with cleaner lines posted in several positions for me to look at. If so I'd be willing to pay for that as well.
  5. Hello, I'm currently looking for a sexy banner and a few pieces of custom images to help in the creation of a thread for Clash of Clans. Some of the criteria: Render: I'll leave this one to you, however I'd like something like this: Size: 800x150 or so (may need you to adjust size if need be) Text (if any): Clan name: Smoking Blood / Clan Badge: Color/Theme: Would like to see the text formatted to coordinate with Clan Badge colors, and similar text to that typically used on Clash of Clans How much you're willing to pay for the graphic (if possible): Really depends on the quality of what is submitted. I have some items sitting around that I'd gladly send over to anyone who can make what I'm looking for! I'm also looking for an Avatar for Clash forums, so if anyone can make one of the image below (using the same Clan Badge color scheme for his Clothing / Staff). And finally a signature, using any Clash of Clans artwork you can find, preferably a Wizard that displays my Clan's Badge. Thanks to anyone who takes this little project on. If time is limited, I'd preferably want the Banner done first as it's the main priority for me. Willing to pay for each individual design if not willing to take on the entire project! Thanks, Cory
  6. Hey Pb, I know this isn't really the place for this, but I don't want to make an entirely new thread for such a small suggestion. Is there any way you could add Mystery Boxes to the Participation Point store for Ironmen? There are quite a few players who have all items from the shop and don't have anything to spend them on. Would make a nice addition and at 50-75 points a piece, seem a fair addition to help with the Colored Staff of Light RNG grind! Cory
  7. Going to miss you and your short-shorts Matt I'll save all the stuff I get from giveaways so you can be rich for 5 days when you come back before you stake it all
  8. 1. Why are we complaining about a text chat box on a voice chat platform? 2. Do I even need to continue?
  9. I'm also on the fence as far as the homepage goes. I do prefer the old page, but there are certain elements about the new one that I like. Would be nice to see more current media being shown on the homepage, and although I do like the potential behind the Top Pick Screenshot of the Day - hiding it at the bottom of the page and expecting us to believe it will be updated daily is somewhat disheartening. Would be nice to see a feature Video of the Month or some form of highlight where Community-Made Media can be displayed on the homepage.
  10. Love how clue scrolls are looking at the moment Pb. I just want to ask that you double check that certain item requirements for clue scrolls are in fact obtainable for Ironmen. Would really suck to get a clue requiring something we can't get our hands on! Otherwise looks really nice, and I'm looking forward to Grinding out all those items!
  11. Appreciate the mention and love for Ironic. You guys are what makes Ironic worthwhile, love hopping online at all hours of the day and seeing loads of people chatting! Best of luck on all goals you're aiming for, and congratz on all of the achievements so far!
  12. If I join that team is automatically stacked ! Count me in Roy
  13. Pb the community gets pissed at every little detail regarding updates / current gameplay - you just have to shrug it off. Yes there will be those few players who will piss and moan about how unlucky they are on forums, but for every one of them there are 10 actual players who would just appreciate knowing how long they should expect to spend at a boss before getting a drop. We understand that drop rates are an average milestone, not a guarantee. As for the "things that Jagex have done recently are a good idea" comment, that's not what I was getting at. I was just pointing out that it's something the community there can search out when deciding where to spend their time bossing - I wasn't commenting on Jagex's decision making abilities.
  14. Well this thread it at least to open a discussion about it. I don't understand why players shouldn't be aware of drop rates - seeing as how it's not something the main game considers "Confidential". I'd imagine if there is an overall interest from the community and enough support, he would consider publishing the drop rates.