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i spank v2

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    i spank v2

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  1. sounds good i'll join IGN- i spank v2
  2. don't really know you but you seem a good guy 8/10
  3. yes will be picking it up later today ! and saying you spend money to stop playing a game after a year or two that is why they bring new ones out lol! looking forward to it seems different to the rest of the cods!
  4. 1/10 you seem like a nuba & i don't get high, rude! haha.
  5. no idea who you are but i'll give you a 9/10 because im a nice guy !
  6. In-game name:i spank v2 Level: 61 melee - 342 range - Why do you think we need you?: because im spank
  7. want a medal ? im a man and i don't haver a kid where's my prize!?
  8. Xbox Gamertag:chin a ginner In-Game Name:i spank v2 Games I play on xbox:cod4,mw2,m3,bo2 fifa 13 & minecraft