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  1. Meh i understand that there was an unusual punishment but you can't really complain when you break a rule. Like hell I've been punished that many times but i don't complain if you break a rule expect to get punished. Doesn't seem fair that you would get to keep your xp you gained unfairly but i don't see why you wouldn't get to keep your runes which i'm assuming were gained fairly.
  2. blue green yellow pls
  3. Yeah i just think statuette prices shouldn't need to be capped at all though.
  4. So i'm loving the new reset it's pretty damn cool. Although I have noticed a couple of things that i think could be fixed or improved. Skilling teleports - Karamja It would be nice to have the skilling teleport telespot moved to close to the dock where you actually fish. Currently the skilling teleport and the city teleport take you to the same location (as pictured below) , and you have to run north to the fishing area. I'd like to see the skilling teleport only changed to this location next to the dock to make it easier for noobs. Another small thing i noticed is that when you gain cash for killing x amount of bosses, if your inventory is full then it disappears. Would be cool if it dropped on the ground or went to your collect box. A tiny thing is that magic pots are quite a bit more expensive than any of the others in store. Not sure why this is but it would be cool to see them put to around 200gp each like the rest. A kind of massive thing that annoys me a little bit is statuettes. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not but they are pretty much worthless. As shown in the picture below there is a massive difference between the amount you buy them for and the amount they sell for. I'm assuming this was changed with the update where all item values were dropped, but i'd like to see them made worth their actual value. Eg a ruby chalice should sell for 100k, and not 5k. PCe homies Rippa/Matt
  5. 888 506 987 ign Matt
  6. ive got bronze boots hit me up ingame and il lend you them "Rippa"
  7. Sucks bro good to see you going out with a bang though, can't top acolyte or broy with that forum staff rank but im proud. Stay gold ponyboy
  8. I'm pretty sure it was made the same so people can remove their ironman status to become a regular account, what if you were able to use a member ticket on another account? like how on 07 you could use a bond on another player. Idk just thought that'd be cool
  9. Then the guy who brought your super donar needs to find it mayed
  10. Hey sick vid man
  11. Rippa wanna join! sign me up pls
  12. Calling himself the best pure in gs when there is about 5 pures in the entire game
  13. T h u s k a, you always try and bug abuse and x log in your duels... I wouldn't be surprised if this was someone getting back at you idiot.
  14. PErfEcT ThNK yUH M8