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  1. Bank sorting

    Click the switch to insert mode on the bottom left, it has two arrow symbols and you can do that
  2. Roast the person above you

    ::yell paying any irl girls to date me @pm paying well
  3. I would have clicked thanks on your post but as i can't i will thank you via this post. Cheers m8
  4. Melee only hits that high in pvm, range and mage aren't meant to be as powerful as melee, because they have other abilities eg. magic freezing someone or range using bolt special attacks etc.
  5. Rune prices

    So much support. I think it's just the fact that they're all the same price (800gp ea) like for sure the high tier runes shouldn't be cheap but cmon @Jamie just wants to cast wind strikes on chickens ffs
  6. Throwback Thursday <3

  7. Questions: Administrative Team

    Do you believe in climate change? Are you pro or anti abortion? Do you support Donald Trump? Would you rather have a nipple as a willy, or two willys for nipples? How long is a piece of string?

    I'm just supporting Mcgregor cause his shit talk game is on point
  9. Bad News ;p

    You must be tiny, clearly got steamrolled m8. gl recovering
  10. Armadyl gwd

    thats not very nice of sara
  11. Armadyl gwd

    Why did they not name it a sara crossbow???????????
  12. memememmememme - matt ingame
  13. Soul Rune's 31st pk Video

    nice video friend 10/10
  14. Infernal Pickaxe

    Is that what you meant
  15. Netflix shows to watch

    the 100 zoo shameless misfits terra nova shameless again cause its great