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  1. I support the decorative armour and everything after it. No support to the rs3 looking armour.
  2. Looks weird, would rather have the ability to switch ranks.
  3. Support, would be a nice update to a horrible skill.
  4. Silly to pay so much for a set which is a little bit better. Gz on the the loot
  5. What is MOTM? Member of the Month (MOTM) is a rank that was created to recognize a player of our community each month who goes above and beyond what is expected of them. These people go out of their way to help other members, they contribute greatly to the server, and they reflect a positive outlook on what Grinderscape represents. Each month, five (5) nominees will be selected and voted on to win this coveted rank. At the end of a five (5) day period, the voting will close and the player with the most votes will win the rank. The process of selecting nominees is going to be up to you, the community. We want your input on who you think deserves to wear this rank. Exactly one (1) week from today, the Event Team will compile a list of your nominations and narrow it down to who we believe are the most deserving of the rank. Rules: - You cannot nominate yourself. -You cannot nominate staff members. You may nominate Event Team Members but you MUST give an explanation. - You cannot nominate anyone who is banned/has been banned within the last month. - If you do not have any input on who to nominate, don’t post. (i.e. “No one even deserves it this month,” or “Good luck.”) This also includes spamming or fake nominations. If you don’t have serious input do not post or you will be punished accordingly. - You can nominate as many people who you think deserve it. If you nominate more than one person, please keep it to one post. Edit your post if you think of more people, do not repost. - Do not ask to be nominated, as you will likely lose your chances of being nominated. Thank you for your input -Grinderscape Event Team
  6. Congratulations on the promotion, well deserved.
  7. Bump, need more opinions.
  8. Welcome to Grinderscape, enjoy your stay.
  9. Happy birthday Gal, have fun.
  10. Thanks for the update, about time the d spear was fixed.
  11. Looking as this thread got a little bit out of hand, I'll go ahead and close it.