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  1. Change Extreme Donator to Ultimate Donator?
  2. I don't really see any abuse potential especially if all OMMs are acquainted with-in their training, but I think it disrupts the current flow of trade that we have going. There are still some undeniable problems with how our MM service 'works' - we can't keep track of everything: any suggestion to help with differentiation between normal trades&transactions is supported... your suggestion would definitely make sure security was fine and that everything can be followed through properly but, I don't think it's the right direction imo.
  3. #10 because #10 looks great, is the cheapest outfit & could probably actually use with the prize. Hopefully we congratulate #10 with winning.
  4. So I've been back now for a month - have had a blast of a time: and now I leave you all again but only for a short while this time! In fact, six days. Between the 18th & the 24th I'll be seeing my mother & sister for the first time in five years now - it's building up to be a nice trip to start of 2017. So even though it will be another two days until I will head off, thought I'd make my bid of farewell now rather than later. cy@
  5. I will comfirm my support for these suggestions.
  6. You tell me this a year ago and I'd just say sure, he's trying - but will never turn things around and actually break his ceiling. Look where this part of your journey has taken you, I'm so happy for you and I know you'll be able to thrive in this situation given to you. Congratulations @Sir Wizard
  7. As I've already said to you in private - I wish you good luck prosper with this opportunity. Congrats
  8. I'd like to constructively suggest to not create Quests for our RSPS as I know that's a plan for an upcoming update soon. My opinion is that I don't think it's the direction of new content the server should be going forward with and it's also probably not going to attract new players into the game. PVP and PVM updates should be still the focal point of future updates and unique game design.
  9. All these questions serve a purpose to sample player opinion, I think they're all handy. Thanks for the survey!
  10. I was hacked 6:21PM AEST whilst I was standing idle at Yanille - the service given by the Discord Chat Mods @Cinderblock and @Aria were pivotal in my swift account recovery within 5 minutes! Thank you all who worked with me to get the account back. Please make sure your password's and bank PINs are secure to a safe level or you mightn't be as lucky as I was.
  11. Sorry, no pussies allowed in GS-forums - gonna have to use censorship @Blake
  12. I actually have a suggestion for the voting system, there's been a small discussion on Discord about voting and I had my two cents that could solve some problems with vote-farming and abusing. Here it is: Make it so you have a point-penalty if you aren't online for 30 minutes atleast before you redeem a vote. If you're online for 30 minutes and redeem a vote then you receive your standard vote points. So basically, if you aren't online for half an hour as you vote you get half the points you would normally. This is a suggestion in response to hearing there's a problem with people farming vote points to hoard free items basically.
  13. In-game name: Nucleus (alt. Nucleolus) What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Recruiter What is your Timezone?: GMT +10:00 How long have you played for?: 39 days of gametime. How many hours do you play per day?: I haven't had a day yet where I've played less than an hour, every day of the week. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: I found this clan! Do you have ::yell?: I sure do, I've been Super Donator for quiet some time! Why should your application be accepted?: So as I've comeback only recently there are still a few reasons why I think my application should be considered! I made an introduction to the game for the second time because I wanted to assist those in my timezone who share the same idea - helping people. There's not too many players that advocate for helping when I'm online so I thought I can start contributing once again to the community by helping in the clan that I once owned: Spectrum. My future aspirations are to achieve more in Grinderscape than what I have previously, this can be done any many ways but it all starts with Spectrum for me. Being recruiter would also merit what I've been doing for the past weeks, and give me a sense of satisfaction that what I'm doing is warranted and also rewarded. So it's like - also showing that you guys are legitimate with using this opportunity!
  14. In-game name(s): Nucleus (alternate. Nucleolus) Age: 18 Timezone: GMT (+10:00) Will you be active within the OMM team?: Yes. How much do you usually play GrinderScape per day?: I haven't played less than three hours per day since late Decemmber. Why do you deserve to be in this team?: I feel like I'm trustworthy enough to be granted this position, again. You know - I've done this before! I've been extremely active in my timezone, I don't break rules and I present myself to be mature and respectful toward others. As always, I also lead by example for instance: this application has been made on my own initiative. Any other info: Here is my current history of trades overseered by Cinderblock and Dragenforce2 https://gyazo.com/0463a41819521a5a7fa5ef47c1aa3184 to https://gyazo.com/dd39e022cec680038ba8ad260429cb9b Thought I forgot the usernames, this was my first trade since I came back. https://gyazo.com/90752b9ab7f3fbdd1f1c72396ceddb5c to https://gyazo.com/16d9fbcfa8aaabe0df044181091fb5b7 https://gyazo.com/fb5888ad65b24000685d8cadf941ab6f to https://gyazo.com/429ae1cc8b7119d347f3bab966448b00 I also have a large history when it comes to my previous experience with OMM, I have over 160 trades in history. Thank you! EDIT: https://gyazo.com/a66d91f4c2b9e11b4968169843bf06bc to https://gyazo.com/8551a78255e8ece8274765dc21e4531a EDIT2: https://gyazo.com/ea90992b80c8d269106e70164a95bbe8 to https://gyazo.com/4e80c25fdbeca22fb0cc2a02dadbf0c8