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  1. cy@ Hope it was fun whilst it lasted. You probably had a long way to go. You still have a long way to go and hoping that's still here too. Now you can enjoy the game whilst it's new again, go for it.
  2. If you charge back your donations through PayPal you'll be host-banned (tos). If you can't provide proof you donated for your donations before 10/2015 you won't get the rank you donated for back. I donated for them too, I lost mine too - there are also many others like yourself too. But the money that you spent donating went towards server hosting, maintenance, development - which is still appreciated for obviously. If you want the ranks again, donate to the server again and keep the invoice history in-case anything goes wrong again.
  3. Alright alright... 175 411 680
  4. @CoryI want to respond to you in particular. The others in here have replied and I mean they just missed something that you derived, I must... enjoy complaining. There is nothing else I'd rather do than complaining. So to your definition I'll 'complain' some more but I actually want to rebut on what you said. But before I briefly go on - first of all we can both agree there's a difference between knowing how to play the game and actually enjoying it - and connected to that is that everyone's sense of accomplishment is different too especially over the time they've played private servers. I agree with you that there's only two options for people now that the old-database of GrinderScape is gone, and that's to stay or go. What else can you do... Anyway an eco-reset debatedly was always something needed to rejuvenate the server and, was long awaited for by a lot of people especially the likes of myself since I became staff. 2147M is 103B in the past game - now that's a great platform for GrinderScape to be the best economy in modern RSPS right? There's still the elephant in the room that I think a lot of people ignore and, whenever someone tries to bring it up they're labelled as complainers and should just leave the community because that opinion is wrong and doesn't matter. From my particular experiences? Instead of treating your question like a rhetoric @Cory I'll actually answer it. And what a surprise... we did notice people buying and selling items for gold. I was with an old friend @Primal Red and we tried to grab that stake of fresh air by playing again and, well we were just looking for the old experience that we had when we first started to play. Took on a chance to encompass some enjoyment again. But has being a new player again been enjoyable so far for us? No. Will I keep playing GrinderScape? Probably will still. Is Cael back to play? No. But do my own experiences reflect those of anybody who tries to play GrinderScape for the first time as of right now? Most likely... that's why I bring it up. I saw the results from the survey @Saim made at the start of the year and a lot of existing players are anonymously unhappy with the game. I wonder how the 'NEW' players are feeling. In fact, what 'NEW' players...
  5. I've played on the new W1 for an hour, and this sucks. You don't get a starter pack (bug?) and, after thieving there's no way to spend money at home unless you get lucky at the general store. Shops that have items in stock are vital to the economy and prove to be essential to supply players with equipment that they need to thrive on the server. This game phased out the idea of 'NEW' players ages ago in my own opinion. How are we expected to grow again from this when from at least from my own experience has been the most dull and boring server start. If anyone can direct me to the right direction on how to enjoy playing without offering free stuff - I'd love it.
  6. No newly made first accounts can get starter packs then. @Pb600 Okay. I still need help in regards to why this happened & what do we do from here. Thanks for the offer @Vechtking
  7. I'm sorry I'm confused. In the new W1, in the new database - I've made one account 'Braedon' and didn't get a starter pack, how does someone else making their first account 'Nucleus' have anything to do with me not getting a starter pack - and a new question, why aren't these events disjointed from eachother?
  8. @Niko Why does that stop people from getting starter packs?
  9. The first thing Saim assumed was that we already created accounts but, literally these were our only accounts created.
  10. Cael (Primal Red) and myself (Braedon) created new accounts and were gonna play together but, we both didn't receive a starter-park on our accounts that were in regular mode. 1. Why couldn't we get starter packs? 2. What do we do from here?
  11. Regardless of a "challenge or not", it'd be great for the economy so why not? If you make enough $$$ PK'ing then you can buy food from people who want to make money fishing/cooking thus making fishing/cooking a meaningful skill after 350M exp, instead of from an NPC store.
  12. Well. It finally happened. gg
  13. Hope for the servers sake you'll do great but you don't need any luck for that. There's no doubt you're deserved of it. Congratulations mate.
  14. Can't wait for an alternate to the current website. Glad that someone with suitable knowledge also noticed that the website was shit. Good luck mate. Hope your projects develop well. Welcome back.