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  1. bye

    You won't enjoy the game. There are zero facets to enjoy GS post-staff. However - you're a really nice and smart guy so good luck with your future endeavors. I hope you use your time here for great benefit!
  2. In-game name: Nucleus What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Moderator What is your Timezone?: Australian Eastern Time Zone (UTC+10:00) How long have you played for?: I've played since May 2013 How many hours do you play per day?: I have days where I can't play at all, but I at least cover 40 per month. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: I've been a new member of Spectrum since December 2016 and have been a recruiter for a couple of months. Do you have ::yell?: I have yell, because I'm a super donator. Why should your application be accepted?: Like the rest of the recently promoted Moderators, I can enforce rules reasonably and have exceptional leadership and teamwork skills - that I've developed after being an in-game staff member for over two years and being involved in promotions and decision discussion in the past being an ex-owner of Spectrum. But I think my opportunity to become Moderator will also take advantage of the extra time to be able to cover moderation with-in the clan chat now that I've been demoted as a server support. I can focus fully on providing middleman and yell assistance on-demand which I'd hope to be known that I can cover adequately, as well I can take time to re-develop as a basic ranked member of Spectrum. I will not be assisting in hopes that I'm given a second chance or another shot - I'm here to help.
  3. Shame I can't play more than 20 hours a week. Well, thanks for the second and last tenure as staff Soccerlove. I would care to explain more to the public but because I was demoted I will simply just reside respectfully, thank you.
  4. Change Extreme Donator to Ultimate Donator?
  5. I don't really see any abuse potential especially if all OMMs are acquainted with-in their training, but I think it disrupts the current flow of trade that we have going. There are still some undeniable problems with how our MM service 'works' - we can't keep track of everything: any suggestion to help with differentiation between normal trades&transactions is supported... your suggestion would definitely make sure security was fine and that everything can be followed through properly but, I don't think it's the right direction imo.
  6. #10 because #10 looks great, is the cheapest outfit & could probably actually use with the prize. Hopefully we congratulate #10 with winning.
  7. So I've been back now for a month - have had a blast of a time: and now I leave you all again but only for a short while this time! In fact, six days. Between the 18th & the 24th I'll be seeing my mother & sister for the first time in five years now - it's building up to be a nice trip to start of 2017. So even though it will be another two days until I will head off, thought I'd make my bid of farewell now rather than later. cy@
  8. I will comfirm my support for these suggestions.
  9. You tell me this a year ago and I'd just say sure, he's trying - but will never turn things around and actually break his ceiling. Look where this part of your journey has taken you, I'm so happy for you and I know you'll be able to thrive in this situation given to you. Congratulations @Sir Wizard
  10. As I've already said to you in private - I wish you good luck prosper with this opportunity. Congrats
  11. I'd like to constructively suggest to not create Quests for our RSPS as I know that's a plan for an upcoming update soon. My opinion is that I don't think it's the direction of new content the server should be going forward with and it's also probably not going to attract new players into the game. PVP and PVM updates should be still the focal point of future updates and unique game design.
  12. All these questions serve a purpose to sample player opinion, I think they're all handy. Thanks for the survey!
  13. I was hacked 6:21PM AEST whilst I was standing idle at Yanille - the service given by the Discord Chat Mods @Cinderblock and @Aria were pivotal in my swift account recovery within 5 minutes! Thank you all who worked with me to get the account back. Please make sure your password's and bank PINs are secure to a safe level or you mightn't be as lucky as I was.
  14. Sorry, no pussies allowed in GS-forums - gonna have to use censorship @Blake