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  1. Fishing guild has a cooking range, more fishing locations and doesn't require an awkward bank in the middle of the tree's
  2. iron valkys

    Remove this custom drop table and return it to the base 07 Drop tables. They are confusing and most players will not have a clue what is going on. The current Drop table is flooded with rare items, player made items and Alchables, making the economy unbalanced and within a few weeks the server will be flooded with GP and items, Causing rare items to spike in price. The server has gone down this path once before and we can all see the results. This economy doesn't need these to start with, Tweak the drop tables based on Feedback instead of overbuffing them to start with. PvM D
  3. iron valkys

    I have made a suggestions post about this. Feel free to check it out, This drop table is a little whack. https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/topic/133-reworked-drop-tables/&tab=comments#comment-662
  4. Welcome to the official Clan page for [-LEWT-]! Introduction: [-LEWT-] is a new clan formed for the release of Grinderscape. Our main goal is to get a PvM Team together that will be doing bosses constantly, while giving new members the chance of obtaining LEWT! DISCORD: https://discord.gg/7BdpTj6 Current Team Roster: Leader: Valkys89 Officers: Moderators: Members: Recruits: Clan Rules: No Flaming clan members. Loot is decided BEFORE a trip begins, Share, Split or Personal. Recruitment Form: (Copy and Paste)
  5. Would love to see rares be actually.. rare. Like 1/5000 chance when voting to receive a phat
  6. Support everything. If Raids2 stuff is implimented make it unusable in the wildy
  7. iron valkys

  8. iron valkys

    Hello everybody, Just thought i'd make a list of suggestions for the server release. 1) Keep Skilling viable - Please do not put Endgame items (Sharks, mantas, Potions, bolts ect ect) into shops. 2) Gold Flow - Please keep the gold income low, If the server becomes flooded with gold, the economy will break (again). 3) Casket/Clue drops from PvM - Battlescape does an insanely good job with the clue system, i do recommend checking it out. 4) Boss Loot - Have the boss drops lowered by 1/3 but have the top 3 damaging players receive loot. Also remove the Ironman limits on damage so t
  9. iron valkys

    @valar Completely agree with the Seed box, Maybe make the Seed box interactable with dropped herbs to note them, would also be amazing for UIM when it's released.
  10. Just a suggestion to get slayer a little more efficient, Have all monsters drop noted herbs on task
  11. iron valkys

    Well i'm back boys, going to give gs another go and hope it doesn't turn out as inflated as last time :) GLHF :D
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