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  1. well...... you don't "need" to train either.....
  2. its nice to see nice people out there and all, but i kinda feel you posted this for attention.
  3. I like the Armadyl staff idea as more mage weapons are needed. I dont like the idea of Zaryte bow (but i agree on more range weapons) and i really dont like any of the melee weapons.
  4. i don't really see the point. its 200 points after all. it will take you a couple hours at the most to get 200 slayer points. If you add cave horrors and black masks into the drop table then its pointless having black mask in the slayer shop.
  5. after 1000+ dragons i got my 1st elite. best item was 9 prayer potions. i've not bothered with elite clues since. Gz though
  6. yes, yes, yes. but i feel prehaps a minigame such as pest control would be good for the void sets (prehaps normal void rewarded through this and Elite void through the pkp shop?) and i still think new weapons need to be added for the mage/ range users such as Armadyl crossbow, blow pipe, staff of the dead, armady battlestaff. and the majority of those weapons can be dropped by gwd bosses along with the saradomin amulets. basically i want what you suggested
  7. this looks good. Im not a pker myself but im sure it will make some people happy Ps please add some new weapons for Range/ Mage players
  8. voted #2, not sure how #4 can win with just a bronze sword and shield.
  9. Loving the people in this cc, makes playing Grinderscape even more enjoyable. #marl
  10. I think certain items that are untradeable would be great, an example of these would be some kind of cape showing that you donated and that it would have stats similar to the max cape, Another idea could be a new title for donators that also show people that you donated a certain amount to the server and there could be several different titles for the amounts donated.
  11. Thanks for informing us so quickly PB much appreciated.
  12. Wicked!!!!!! grats to all the other winners
  13. I support this, but if this was the case I think items like the vine whip should be 6k gsp, blood neck 3k gsp and fbd 2.5k gsp just to make them a little harder to obtain. also just a general re-do of the entire shop would be great, Remove the black d hide and reduce prices of a few items like arcane blast and pulse costing less then the stream and also remove the robin hood hat from shop and changing that to a coloured robin hat.
  14. Its all well and good saying there is a few spots in wilderness but no one is going to do slayer there are they? as for chaos dwarfs they are still allways over crowded.