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  1. Roast the person above you

    worst pker mixed in with a terrible video maker. #wizards (totally kidding, ILY)
  2. MOTM July

    Good luck to those selected for this month's MOTM. I voted for Pharaoh because he he actively engages with the players and assists to the best of his ability. Thanks.
  3. Questions: Administrative Team

    Great idea. 1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years (real life) 2. What would you do differently if you had the opportunity (real life) 3. What is your favorite memory of GrinderScape 4. What is your biggest pet peeve (GrinderScape & real life) 5. Do you have any wishes or demands that you think would make GrinderScape a better environment That is all i have now, but ill be thinking of more! Thanks, Nic.
  4. Join Discord Chat! :)

    1. Tabor


      So i can be your friend

  5. MOTM July Nominations

    I would like to nominated Anz and Pharaoh. Also Iron Cypher! Thanks,
  6. Official [SPECTRUM] Clan Thread

    What a great event! Looks like a lot of people showed up---a lot of fun! Players getting good loots, awesome! Great work everyone.
  7. New Sectional Moderator

    yeeee boii!! Gz and good luck! Have fun mod
  8. Official [SPECTRUM] Clan Thread

    Denied. The Leaders have voted against your application for a recruiter rank within the clan chat. Please refrain from drama within cc and the staking community. Please re-apply later.
  9. Official [SPECTRUM] Clan Thread

    Accepted. The Clan Chat Leadership thinks you have completed the requirements for this rank. We wish you best of luck and aim for the top! Thanks for helping our players
  10. Official [SPECTRUM] Clan Thread

    Pending. The Spectrum Leadership would like to see more consistency from you. Assisting and helping all players within the clan chat. Re-apply in one/two weeks. Thanks. Pending. Continue helping our members and get your name out there. Offer any assistance that they might need. Re-apply in one/two weeks. Thanks. Accepted. The Spectrum Leadership feels you have earned this responsibility. Gratz, and good luck Accepted. The Spectrum Leadership feels you have earned this responsibility. You have done a great job, keep it up! Gratz, and good luck Pending. You just recently returned to the server. Since you have been back you have been helping players A LOT. Keep up the good work and we shall see you return to the rank of recruiter. Re-apply in one/two weeks. Thanks.
  11. Happy Birthday to Ayyoub

    Happy Birthday to Ayyoub (Zoiezo)!! Hope you have a wonderful day!
  12. MOTM June

    Dang, very hard to choose which one for MOTM. I feel all the nominees deserve to be there and it was very difficult to vote. I wish them all the best of luck, and congratulations on getting nominated--also, thank you for all your hard work for the server. Nic
  13. irish3601 resignation

    Thank you for everything, and good luck with rl Will miss ya bro!
  14. New Ingame Moderator

    Very well deserved. I am very happy to see this. Welcome to the mod team, keep up the good work bro.
  15. Co-operative Slayer System

    My name is Sir Wizard, and i approve of this message. -- Support!!!! please, lets make this happen