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Sir Wizard

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  • Birthday 02/21/1994

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  1. Sir Wizard's Entry #8
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROY @Straightkill Enjoy your day!!! @G P D 4
  3. Sir Wizard's Entry #7
  4. Players, I was thinking of adding a few items to our cosmetic list. Firstly, i would like to add the rainbow partyhat to our 1. donation shop or 2. vote reward shop. I feel this is be a great opportunity to bring a new partyhat and create a flowing wealth within the partyhat community. Something new to spice up the bank. Secondly, i would like to add the following items to our vote roll reward. Reason is because i want these shitty items and it can be added to the lucky reward roll. Please see attached. (Bunny feet, chef hat, warrior helm & silverlight+darklight) What are your thoughts? Thanks,
  5. Happy Birthday Ryan, hope you have a wonderful day
  6. Sir Wizard's Entry #6
  7. Sir Wizard's Entry #5
  8. Accepted. You have been helping a lot recently and you are pretty active. We have noticed that you have been stepping out of your way for our members in the clan chat, keep it up! Very well deserved. Please get in contact with a member of leadership (Acolyte, Tyler, Icarly65 or myself) and we will get you squared away with your rank and to join our Skype chat. Accepted. The leadership speaks very highly of you. You show that you have what it takes. Welcome back to the team! Very well deserved. Please get in contact with a member of leadership (Acolyte, Tyler, Icarly65 or myself) and we will get you squared away with your rank and to join our Skype chat.
  9. Sir Wizard's Entry #4
  10. Looks fruity...like his personality. Love it. 10/10.
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  12. Sir Wizard's Entry #2
  13. Sir Wizard's Entry #1
  14. Welcome to the team, a very well deserved promo. Pm me any time! HAVE FUN!
  15. Hello everyone! As most of you know, i am Nic, a In-Game Mod. I wanted to chat a little bit about my goals, my achievements and to create a little appreciation thread. So to start out, i have been an In-Game Mod for almost a month now. This is actually something i thought would never happen. I have been playing GS for a very long time, and im just still shocked. I would have never of had this chance without my leaders. @Soccerlove @Acolyte @Tyler These leaders gave me a chance to prove that i was a helpful person in the community. These leaders have faith in me and trust me to be the best that i can be. For that, i am very thankful to my leaders for this awesome opportunity to moderate/assist the community. More achievements of mine is that i am an Admin in Clan Chat Spectrum. This means a lot to me, to he apart of the clan chat leadership. I love assisting our players and i plan to never let any of them down. I am also an OMM Recruiter/Leader. This was one of my first leadership duties. I thank my leaders for giving me this opportunity to be apart of such a high standard group. I was recently added to the Event team, and i am excited to start drafting ideas and hosting events for our players. Event team has been doing a great job and i wish i can help contribute to such a great organization. Now all of my achievements...i didnt get it alone. With the help and guidance of my leaders and the support from my friends. @Tyler This kid has been guiding me since day 1. Supporting me and believing in me. I feel Tyler and i are very similar and i feel strongly that i wont let him down. @Acolyte This kid has given me a chance to prove myself...and im still trying to prove it @Kyle My bro, always believed i could do it. Look where i am at now! @Mystery Ltd We didnt get to work together on the staff team, but i know that if you stayed that you would have achieved greatness. You are a good leader. @Aa Cc Ii Dd My lover, my friend... your snapchats get me through the day. In all seriousness, i thank you for a lot of things. ILY BBY I know there are more people i should be thanking, because i did not achieve all this alone. I plan to be a great leader. To my brothers in arms @Straightkill @J A I Z i will do my best to be a great role model. Please ask me if you ever need anything. That is all. #Wizards #GPD4 #TakeOverUnit #Mr79cb #Brok3n #BladeK0