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Sir Wizard

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  1. In-game name: Sir Wizard What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Administrator What is your Timezone?: KST (Korea Standard Time) UTC/GMT +9 hours How long have you played for?: 4 years How many hours do you play per day?: 4-6 hours per day How long you been a member of Spectrum?: Been a ranked member for i think around 21 weeks. Do you have ::yell?: Yes Why should your application be accepted?: I love assisting players & i love interacting with the community. I try my very hardest to maintain my PMs and my CC equally. I rely on ranked members to assist the cc when i am busy or unavailable to assist-but i always try my best. I am a hard worker and i love contributing. I am always there if you need me. I advertise clan chat in hopes to gain new players so we can assist them. I look up to clan leadership and if i get the chance to join i can continue to look up to them and i can look up to myself, always bettering myself. Thanks for the opportunity.
  2. Happy Birthday @Saim
  3. Thank you for your thoughts. I will be more strict on noobs <3
  4. Good luck with your plans. Nerrrddd it up bro!
  5. Looks very nice Love!
  6. Good luck with your clan! Have fun!
  7. Support. I would love to see the new items in the vote shop for the ironman community. I also would love to see more items in the agility shop. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Nice goals! Good luck, work hard!
  9. Enjoy your trip, see ya when you return.
  10. Denied. Welcome back to the community! Keep throwing your name out there for OMM assistance. You just recently came back from a break and we just need for you to build up trust and loyalty within our community. Reapply in two weeks. * 14 days+ * Thanks.
  11. This will be moved to the spam folder if you guys are just going to argue on here.
  12. Welcome to the team bro, well deserved. I know you will do great
  13. Accepted, welcome to the team! You have shown us you have what it takes, you are always assisting our players. Keep up the great work and help others along the way! Congratulations.
  14. Pending. The leadership thinks you will be a great addition to our OMM team, but with you recently coming back we haven't seen you offer any OMM assistance. You do a great job helping players, but to become an OMM you need to throw your name out there for players within the RSGP trading community. Feel free to PM any OMM or staff member to overwatch you. Reapply in a week or two. You are a loyal player to our community, we know you are worthy of becoming an OMM. Thanks,
  15. Event sounds interesting. We should advertise this event. What are the rewards and how does the placing work?