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  1. One thing that really bugs me about the PvP as of late is that you no longer need decent gear to hit high at all. With Range & Magic this is fine. But as you've put that you hit 50+ with Chaotic Maul in rune & can constantly hit 40-49 with chaotic rapier. It's fine these degrade but when you're constantly being hit for 40+ health or just under, it's kind of frustrating. There's no real reason to run mage or range anymore unless you're hybridding as it's unbalanced against melee.
  2. Cheers for going out of your way to make this for me. I'll make sure to use it
  3. What's the arrows going for on this? Might look to using at Kree if I can get some arrows ?
  4. First Elite done after 80+ KC on Zilyana. FeelsGoodMan
  5. Shame he doesn't act like a big man when pking as he does dicing it seems. As what everyone else has said if he keeps saying "rm" add him to ignore list and tell him to piss off.
  6. This is probably my third time doing this as each time I kept coming back but after whats happened recently I cba with the server no more. We're getting all this new content which is fairdos but we're not getting enough new players to come. I've generally lost interest in the server as well since multi combat is dead asf and edge is just full of chaotic prods & gmauls. I almost never have time to come on due to starting an apprenticeship and friends I've known on here have moved on to another server. Peace out was fun from 2013 - 2016 and won't forget any of the people I've met over the years and the ones who i didn't get along with. I might return if some decent content comes out to try it.
  7. I ended up killing Saradomin like 4 or 5 times and got an elite clue. DOn't know im i'm lucky or not but I don't feel it as of recently >.>
  8. Too many times i'll be pking on my voider just for someone to finish their gmaul 0-0-0 on me just to use Glory to teleport out. I don't know if you lose your EP from it either and if you don't its plain stupid :|.
  9. I'm confused as to what you're getting at here? Melee is superior to ranged, Ranged is superior to Mage and Mage is superior to Melee. Honestly Maxed mains fighting range vs melee just ends up me eating food constantly while i barely hit against them (using rigour too). Doesn't help with mains having SS too and with them hitting 40+ most times my prayer just drops to 0 also. Range needs another way to have 118 stats upon entering wildy again or a slight buff.
  10. @Pb600 Does this apply to extreme range pots then?
  11. When entering wild boosted mage and range stats will be capped at 112 rather than 118 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Why was this updated?
  12. Ngl this would help so much more than having to wait at duel for so long before someone turns up.
  13. No one does the stars in the wildy, Someone goes for the spotting bonus then leaves. When stars first came out loads used to go and no one goes. Avas aren't worth it anymore
  14. Combat Update might not even change multi pking that much unless we can actually get players back into the game. ^^
  15. Buying 3 sets of Guthans, Torags and Veracs for phats and a bit of cash if you have any extra sets. Pm me ingame or post here.