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  1. didnt say that this'd be os server, its pre eoc obvs
  2. sotd=sol pb promised a clan update 2 years ago
  3. lmfao i eat ur lunch daily wuu2
  4. did the pb retard just make a basic pk set very rare? Please tell me the stats are worse than karils?
  5. Wknd trips* how bout the preps (:?
  6. yo been to many preps? or to trips without a main? nig thinks he's somehow special bc he was asked to be a +1
  7. i dont know ur apex fags, and yeah i dont lmfao i only play for events?
  8. ye sure no1 knows i only was begged to join for months lmfao also acc not rdy yet lmfao so obvs not mining but carried during hpc lmao
  9. ye sure u did we are what 3-0 in fullouts? Probs never won mini set lma0 And also dont think me leaving sup had nothin to do with u OT: Thomas what is ur ig name 07 and what r u goin to join?
  10. ??"¤&%?!"¤?&%!¤?&?!&?!&?!"?& ARE YOU FUCKNIG SERIOURS RN LMFA00000?=====?=? ye sure. Why do u have only 77 members on ML tho? Also nignog dominant at minis? ye right i wipe my ass with them daily. Also kinda retarded to say u r loyal and then talk about as Apex as "they" On topic, cya thomas enjoy 07
  11. dead ass clan tho join a real clan lmfao Apex has like 50 members dead ass clan lmfao u are just a random. I mean apex is literally the smallest/lowest pulling clan and if you are not known there dunno what you are l000l
  12. these niggas put a screenshot of varjo tanking lmfao was ez cant kill one with like what 10
  13. ye sure watchout u dont get ur clan closed