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  1. Good luck on the vids! Will sub once you start making the vids
  2. The issue is fixed, confirmed by @Pb600, so closing this.
  3. Hey nice applications. One thing; Spectrum and official middleman is two different things. To apply for Spectrum go here and follow the right format on the first page: To apply for official middleman go here and use the right format: https://forum.grinderscape.org/forum/78-official-middleman-applications/
  4. the "Like a boss" would be great.
  5. He gained exp in an unfair way for very long in the magic skill which gained him the 2nd place in the highscores in that skill. Of course the skill will be reset. We have a new economy, new highscores and so on and we will do everything to stop botters / autoclickers and so on more than we have done on old world 1. He and you might find the punishment to harsh but this will teach him and others trying to bot / autoclick a lesson; DO NOT BOT. It is an unfair advantage that you get over the players that works their ass off to get their levels up. Simple: Break rules = Get punished. EDIT: I don't see that when I search, could you redirect me where you found it?
  6. Slayer and Thieving - ez
  7. My vote goes to @Engin and @Bang Engin; He has been a good role model and been helping players. Bang; Making videos for grinderscape in these hard times and helping players to get motivated.
  8. Looking great, although I like the one we have currently more. Maybe it could be polled to see what the community wants? @Grinder decides these kind of stuff, so it's up to him.
  9. Nice feedback thread! People don't know what a video maker means for the RSPS. The more videos there is on Youtube and other platforms the more advertisement there is for the server and more likely for a person to join. Even tho these video makers don't think about it as an advertisement it really is and it is something very good. You all that make videos should know that you're an important person for the server and it means a lot. Thank you everyone and keep doing what you're doing <3
  10. Looking good man, good job on the vid also
  11. green, blue white gl all
  12. Yell tickets; Make them very expensive so players only yell when they really need it. Making the yell tickets expensive will also prevent long yell arguments for example PK arguments after wars. Example prices: 5 yells: 3m 10 yells: 5m 20 yells: 8m 30 yells: 10m 50 yells: 16m Keep in mind Super donators pays only 50% of their yells every time so 5 yells = 10 etc. Edit: Also, keep in mind, players can always ask staff for yells !
  13. I agree with all of them, and most of them will probably be fixed. For example the statuette thing; All shop prices are capped until they all are changed manually.