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  1. 3rd Called 3rd

    damn, not bad at all
  2. Yes, I struggled to get bolts once this happened also. What I did was get someone with crossbow to buy iron bolts and keep attacking me or someone else without avas so the bolts appeared on the ground for me, and I picked them up then killed someone so I could go back inside safe an buy bolts. But yeah, I do agree that the obelixes should give the arrows/bolts according to what bow you got.
  3. so tell me how he is can back his acc, hes cant speak in english normaly :D

    1. Saim


      With his own computer and by replying to my questions on the recovery with his OWN account.

    2. ltu friend

      ltu friend

      he is dont hawe computer in the house so like me :D

      thats why we in library :D


      okey im back in 5mins need restart computer for limited time 

      okey im back. so u tell him how to back his acc?? hes dont hawe computer in his house so its inposible yes? 

      okey then.... un jail me now then?


    Devil jin rushing vid #11 ********* good vid, nicely done
  5. minigame access


    Ign Saim gl all
  7. client

    Restart it, try to delete cache, try to use hotspotshield to run it.
  8. Road to Max XP - Episode 1

    Lmao, nice haha gz
  9. What was your expectations from SS to Mod and whats the reality? Do you generally enjoy being a moderator?
  10. GrinderScape Update ( 08 - 16 - 17)

    holy damn, good updates!
  11. Disable chat options for weapon game

    As an old WG player I disagree. WG is all about making teams and fighting each other.
  12. Seems like "Unread Content" is broken. Here is the link to it:

  13. Roast the person above you

    I think I'm cool because I can abuse a bug hehe