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  1. Yeah .. for sure, keep in mind it's the Gamer Pics i've been doing. and in order to use them or implement them into your XBL account you need the xbox beta app for windows 10 if you got that just shoot me a pm and we can discuss further dude!
  2. hi strangers i am still sort of active within gfx work i just haven't had anything to really post here I've been doing a lot of art for Xbox profiles of all things???? anyways, did something related to my project vehicle and felt like using one of the words I've come across owning a German vehicle .... @Max might like this idk just felt like i should put something on the forums for once ( oh yeah i know it's super basic and i rarely ever do straight across text lmao ... looks dumb to me but it works with with this word )
  3. now your just drowning in your GS girlfriends irish
  4. not acceptable

    1. Colt


      the ending had me fuckin shook

    2. Carl



  6. A lot of people dont realize how much you've changed as a person on this game I've always had respect for you but a lot more these days Nic Congrats on all your achievements here!!
  7. there are 2 genders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. These are just a handful of scraped signatures .. signatures people didnt use or signatures people never even got to see. Some deserve a bit of daylight so i'll let you guys look note* some of you have probably seen these but a lot of them have been simply thrown away note2* if your names on here and you want the signature go 4 it m8 note3* some of them go way back so no laugh
  9. very few 2 letter names on here lol @M K 7 feel free to use it if you want .. its fairly large but this is a scraped piece because i personally was not 100% satisfied with it but im happy enough with this to share it Yes i know it looks like a lot of my previous shit but believe it or not this one is very complex lol .. probably around an hours work of just tweaking settings and getting the perfect angles along with the quality which is by far the best setting i've had yet This is mainly for me to try and practice on logos and stuff like that .. it's alot easier with 2 letters or short things like that anyways! have a look! http://imgur.com/a/6TuC5
  10. get 2 work
  11. hold up .. your name's ayoub i cant deal with this
  12. Hi

  13. i am shocked