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  1. Tarn was never supposed to be easy to kill and it drops Z bones every kill which is 100m or so per kill + it drops chaotics and such as drops
  2. Russ The Wyrm
  3. pretty good at the game dude
  4. Ganodermic was slightly worked on and is planned to be in one of the future updates.
  5. Haha Be patient with the npc update as there will be alot of bugs
  6. pretty good at the game dude
  7. damn this is pretty nuts nice work on the bot
  8. The animation doesn't need to be changed if you want a faster tb time that can just be lowered I guess but we would need the exact time But yeah the xp drop needs a change
  9. Pb already has plans for this
  10. I guess the lights that been shining a lot brighter

  11. lightwork