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  1. Some Edits [Wiz Khalifa]

    imo this makes me wanna kill myself soz
  2. GrinderScape Update ( 08 - 16 - 17)

    Nice work Pb can't wait for GE
  3. dj. horsedick * 19 hours ago 

    go and kill urself fucking russian anime cunt

  4. My grinderscape gurney is over

    Nice knowing you Engin You're a good guy
  5. Gang Meets Up IRL

    Was lit af 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  6. *DEAD* dj. horsedick * : russ i hope u die from cancer

    1. Valar


      Who's dj horsedick? He sounds like a real nice person -.- 

    2. Russ


      Some CS game lol

    3. Carl


      cant handle the russ

  7. Vine Whip drop

    pretty good at the game dude
  8. voting sortition (roll reward)

    Lol bl ma dude
  9. Most successful PK Event hosted goes to Anz

    1. ANZ


      haha ty man.

    2. Bang


      ziko should've won

  10. please subscribe my channel

    sub 4 sub
  11. High Staking Duel Arena :D

    Spam click the head more damage Grats on the winnings
  12. I can't run Grinderscape on my MacBook Pro :( anymore

    Thought u quit But try what Grinderpoint said