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  1. Damn Byron, you've done so much for here, best of luck in the real world.
  2. bye

    I still respect You did your job well Joe
  3. That's awesome, I love how clean the 2 zones look mixed together, awesome job Pb and the dev support team!
  4. For regular players yes this could be quite handy and make people feel more secure, but it should be optional to put on the authentication lock.
  5. Well done
  6. Actually an awesome suggestion, 10/10 on detail and explanation on what you actually suggested, I like it.
  7. Gz young noob
  8. Love your work, can't wait to roll some of that stuff in the lucky rewards
  9. @Mystery Ltd hell yeah here you go
  10. So you censored my pussy with a picture of another pussy? @Nucleus
  11. More action of me and my kitten @Nucleus
  12. Dude this is really nice, thank you so much <3
  13. It's way too much to have to scroll through just to continue reading or reply to a post, Spoiler your signatures son @Ridok
  14. Glad to see you can make your way back here dude
  15. Sorry to sound rude, but you clearly didn't read the post/event rules, it strictly says on rule number 2 that you CANNOT nominate staff. Thanks for the nomination though Here it is: -You cannot nominate staff members. You may nominate Event Team Members but you MUST give an explanation Maybe you should go back and read the rules for this and re-think your post, remember to also read rules for other posts/events before putting your comment in