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  1. Gang Meets Up IRL

    look like a respectable group of gentlemen
  2. Roast the person above you

  3. Dragon (or) full helm

    nice drop man. ps. u will never be the real Jack soz
  4. cracking open a cold one with the boys soon... :thinking:

    1. Tyler


      cracking open a can of marmite?

    2. Mystery Ltd

      Mystery Ltd

      An ice cold Speight's Mate 9_9

  5. Feelin' seedy :x

    1. Dragenforce2


      I will make you feel planty:hurr: 

    2. Aa Cc Ii Dd
  6. Grinderscape Discord Bot

    Nice Tyler Good Job! Also is the bot T or CT sided? That is the real question...
  7. Progress towards 350m slayer!

    LaM0 what a scrub get 350m l0l0l0l ur bad at game l0l0l jaja (nice gain)
  8. Forums version upgrade, and few plugins

    Looks dank m8
  9. Quitting.

    Get cleared son #KoP Best get max on 07 now 88
  10. Half way there

    RNGesus is insane to youuuu
  11. New Server Support

    Give my man's fookn Mod or riot #goyogibear
  12. bye

    Lmao shits funny atleast u went out having fun, and after all thats the point of the game. We both knew since I resigned staff was never gonna be good again Talk to you later man all the best <3
  13. Private Off

    bro why have you been ignoring me? Regards, best friend!