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  1. plismoni merry christmas
  2. plsmoneyiampor
  3. idk if i entered ing; dylanpls
  4. ing: dylanpls ._.
  5. [MENTION=67306]Nate[/MENTION] sucks
  6. Will do nerd. Horrible trade, if I do say so myself. That question is probably better left unanswered hue. I do miss u josh bby, i still have u on skype i think <3 not fake dylan thx, and i have u on skype so ill c u there
  7. bchpls ur dylan #2 y u crying about urself Trust me, if I'm back within a week I'll give you what's left of my bank [MENTION=76336]n0 def[/MENTION]
  8. Didn't know where to post this, cause I don't know if I'm coming back or not. This game has gotten really boring. I have no bank now I was thinking of quitting a few weeks back, but I didn't know if I was going to be able to. But, I haven't been on since then, so yeah. I might come on the forums now and then, but for now, adios.
  9. Bch pls, don't have to lie. It's ok, we all know I'm HNS God. Nice bank tho.
  10. Got it from RS didn't ya fgt Great "idea" tho nate, support
  11. I'll buy it all. Pm me ingame: Dylanpls.
  12. Sucks to see you go senpai, you were an amazing sb mod while active, thanks for all u did. Best of luck with everything IRL nerd.
  13. Thing is I don't play it anymore >.> Grats tho nub.
  14. RIP bank. Welcome Jeremy, don't play drunk this time.
  15. Offer is any of these items: http://prntscr.com/8a5cni