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  1. Few years back when smuggling worked in weapon game through getting jailed, every staff would ask for a reason when I asked for a jailed except for Sven, he jailed me right away lol, with that I made over 30 vines thanks to him
  2. the old one looked more professional to me so ima stick to the previous one
  3. i do have them, in fact we're in a Group chat, not just in Skype but on discord as well.
  4. Tbh, if pb returns weapon game to how it was back in the Days, there's still a chance of it going Active again. Weapon game can be boring but it's addictive, once you play it you won't stop lol
  5. Great weapon game updates!
  6. I support all of these except that multilogging and boosting should still persist, as to what aysar said.
  7. I personally like this one
  8. and your point is? Since you're arab yourself, are you using a translator?
  9. Old ''crew'' and old ''oblivion'' pretty much
  10. and your point is? My Point is obvious, I don't support this thread.
  11. I rather stick to this system rather than having your team reporting us for every Little thing we do.
  12. It's 200 people because they allowed multilogging in weapon game lmao
  13. Pls no
  14. Nonetheless, I did support the thread Sven made, I made this thread because multilogging now is allowed, And i'm against this rule, and since so, increasing the cooldown reduction will help abit.
  15. This won't be any major suggestion but i'd like to return the old cooldown after you die, people only multilog nowadays and having that box cooldown by half (Around 45 seconds) will just be too easy to those who multilogs with 3 accounts, it's even more difficult to those who arent even level 400. Since multilogging and boosting is allowed, i'd like to see the old box cooldown reduction, aka 1:30 if you're level 400+.