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  1. Overpaying for sag set. It is supposed to be 4b but I'm buying a sag set for a flameburst defender (b) which is worth 8b. If that offer is good enough or if you are willing to sell me a set, please pm me in-game with my in-game account: Kurogane. Thank You.
  2. Actually, I could be online but not on forums because the internet gets fucked up when I open my web browser. My brother will be inactive though :l #Partyalldayeveryday
  4. #shouldbeonspamsection But on the topic, I'd do nothing :l
  5. In-game name: Kurogane What are you applying for? (Recruiter, moderator, administrator): Recruiter How many days have you played for?: About 7 months, played before my little brother How many hours do you play per day?: 4-6 Hours, sometimes inactive because busy Do you have ::yell? Yes, my brother gave me donor 2 days ago Why do you deserve this rank?: Because I wanna help out a lot on Spectrum promoting members to members of course, and I was a recruiter on Spectrum a while back. I was demoted because of inactivity. I will try my best to be active
  6. I prefer Statius/Vesta's
  7. Hey guys! Kurogane here! This game seemed fun, so I started to play it before my brother He then followed my foot steps and played after 2 weeks of me starting My brother is Sexysoldier. I dont mean to brag, but yeah, hes really my brother My real name is Jayson and stuff I like is watching anime/listening to Japanese music I love this Japanese idol group called AKB48 and HKT48, they're soo awesome I am athletic, and play sports all the time, but my favorite sport is basketball. I barely go online because I got a lot to do in life, but this game is still fun, so I still play this game. I love downloading anime for my friends as-well Anyway, cya guys around and this is my introduction GO JAPAN! <3 -Jayson