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  1. Nice bro looking sick with all that green nice profile picture too I got a good looking setup but using a bad tv as monitor cos broke my other one.
  2. y does my profile pic tilt u? :c


    1. Zoiezo


      Idk it just does :c

    2. Jack


      im sexy

  3. Why is your comment relevant? All you're doing is flaming everyone has their own opinion on this and who are you to say their mothers don't love them? '-' Babyrage
  4. Admire your justification but I still beg to differ that it's still bug abuse, and yeh Ron didn't mean to do what he did I see but either way he shouldn't have broken the rules in the first place. And I think people are leaning towards the conclusion that clearing his bank is completely unfair- but either way if Ron didn't "decide" on his punishment of clearing his inventory only then clearing his bank is still a completely valid solution. Fiesty
  5. You could, but some others couldn't as he explained in his very first post -- and as the staff saw themselves. ps weeb
  6. @Pb600 Idk the solution, no expert but I tagged the dev. The only thing I could suggest is redownloading the app cache
  7. nerd

    1. Jack


      fgt u know who i am i am god


  8. Sorry aysar, but that's a load of shit - The staffing on this server is actually very supreme to other servers; it is extremely easy to get help and they're mature and willing to sacrifice time for the good of the server. Personally I'd say that RSPS' have just got boring and not many people are interested in it any more and many people are banned as they rwt because who wants to buy a tset for like 30 dollars when you can get it for 6?
  9. At the end of the day, you abused a bug for the benefit of yourself and if you didn't want to deal with the consequences you should have simply asked yourself if what you were doing is right. I know I know Ron cleared your bank, with intentions to clear just the inventory but the fair punishment for doing something of this cause in my opinion would be to clear the bank anyway as if you hadn't have been caught god knows what would have happened, you brought it on yourself. P.S. Was it really worth it if it did pay off? What's the fun in easily pking about 300m at such high risk?
  10. Hide your public tab Good shout PB, would be good for starters and less hassle tping - also would unite it a bit so you can max out with a friend and do different skills in a similar zone which is something previously hard to do.
  11. Current primary rank: Veteran Desired primary rank: Admin -- I got $$
  12. Incase you couldn't need it yourself, that isn't my only insult to a dumbass like you I could be calling you a "faggot" and a "bitch" too but that just proves you have nothing to say to me don't start drama and then argue like the prepubescent lonely person you are please
  13. Damn nice, why didn't u buy grinder staff with it so u can be a staffhunter
  14. (; You're about as intelligent as a fish, that got flushed down the toilet This internet badass man better back off he's such a cool kid must have friends and yeah I need to get a life #vapenash You are the type of person to drink Strongbow Dark Fruit. get "wasted" then get off with your sister and brag about it.
  15. Maybe you can recover some brain cells while you're gone