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  1. well that took forever
  2. I like this idea, maybe it could be expanded upon to use max and comp teleports like rs3, a.w.a rings of duelling and gaming necks?
  3. Grats Jess I hope you handle your responsibility well
  4. In-game name(s): Soulspitter Timezone: GMT -5 (EST) Skype name: jason.encke1 Will you be active within the event team?: Yes I will How much do you play per day?: 2-3 hours Why should we accept you into the event team?: I was a valuable addition (I feel) to the event team when it had a reboot around late 2015. Also, I work well with others and am willing to take on duties and responsibilities that might not always be "fun" but are necessary. I consider myself a veteran, having played for a total of about 3 years in a 4 year span of time. I started the game in December, 2013 and ever since then i have always taken pride in trying to make grinderscape a better place for it's players. Do you have prior experience hosting events?: Yes, as previous mentioned i was an event host awhile back. Also, I have hosted and coordinated countless giveaways and player killing events Do you have any creative event(s) idea(s)? If so, explain it(them) below: I would like to see real life holidays and events more incorporated into the game. For example, on valentines day have certain skilling or combat actions show up with hearts or possibly make a kiss blowing emote override to woodcutting and mining(understandably this would take some development time.) Some things I have suggested in my previous application were things like giveaways or rewards to people who win castle wars games during max's promotion of the minigame, as well as other minigames. Also, have maybe one day a week where the experience in a random skill is doubled, for example advertise a skilling sunday and once a month release the next 4 sunday's skills in a forum post.
  5. rs3 "Jas o n"
  6. heyo wassup
  7. Joao nice to see your bankerino and its all a waste without placeholders for cw sets
  8. WB ti GS!@!#$!#@$!!!!!
  9. I live to see what you post on the forums jerry
  10. Jarrah you still owe me 4 ags