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  1. The State of Grinderscape

    To me, Grinderscape is at an all time low. Yes, there are great updates coming out soon and the game itself is pretty fun but we severely lack players to enjoy the game with. We are barely hitting 200 (130-150 seems to be the average nowadays) which really sucks. It seems like the ratio of people joining to people leaving is leaning more towards people leaving and it really looks like this game could die in a few months. What do you guys think about the current state of the game? Can it be saved? Will it ever recover and get back to even 250 players? What is needed to attract/bring back players?
  2. No internet for majority of donor

    I'm not sure but I don't think that you'll be able to regain those days. You can try to talk to @Jordy but I don't think you'll get those days. There's a small discount for those who renew their donator rank so my best advice if u wish to get donator again is to take advantage of that small discount and renew.
  3. My Goals (WIP)

    Do you play?
  4. Armadyl Battlestaff

    Hi, I'm suggesting a change to the armadyl battlestaff. You only put in the faster spell casting for storm of armadyl, but not the 10% damage boost for the spell. Also, polypore staff doesn't hit as high as it should. Here's a perfect vid that compares the two staff also, add protect value to poly and ganodermic armour. @Pb600
  5. Put me in in game name "Tank"
  6. Weekly/Monthly Server Events?

    I've been wanting a server wide pk event for a long time. There's so much space in white portal clan wars to host this time of event.
  7. Prot value

    Polypore staff and ganodermic armour currently has 0 prot value. Change it to have a higher value. Also, how will protection value change with the introduction of grand exchange? Will it be according to average sell value of item in GE? @Pb600
  8. Throw back to the old guides

    Sheep shaggs as mod and grand exchange cc era... damn this is so long ago
  9. PK Changes

    When is this poll closing? Since #1 is passing, when do u think you'll turn ur attention to it cuz the sooner the better you'll watch ur player count rocket up that's one thing for sure. @Pb600
  10. I'm baffled that this post got to this point. 

  11. Corruption from the top

    Exactly, and the thing is I was just saying it yesterday with a few staff on and had no problems and now all of a sudden I get jailed and threatened to get banned
  12. Corruption from the top

    Check the first screenshot I said exactly what u said minus the last part and he didn't believe. Also doesn't explain why I'm still jailed and he won't unjail me
  13. Corruption from the top

    Ok but even after explaining that I'm not getting the points on my accounts I'm just looking for someone with the points already to buy gano so I could buy with items/cash, I'm still jailed?
  14. Corruption from the top

    Why should I say buying gano when there's one in game lmao this is why I said what I said was to find someone to buy one and I pay in items. You acknowledged this yet leave me jailed.
  15. Corruption from the top

    https://gyazo.com/1b183fe78b165d94acf2e8d610e94e4f https://gyazo.com/7b4d93947c0a7b9890d68a0e50e109e4 https://gyazo.com/7c836679effa0d201f05f61ca2e41714 https://gyazo.com/bd90c24565502caf7ced0ba6c2dc7ce1 https://gyazo.com/3f9bb800ad06467812168dee2579828e https://gyazo.com/e1cf37d06a1a10e1223edb00b5ce3dca Wont even unjail me lmfao