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  1. Voting Reward Bug

    Right Click banker > collect and you will see it
  2. Touching on Adam's suggestion

    I like this suggestion Support

    Ooh, lets play this one. IGN : Adam1343
  4. GrinderScape Update ( 08 - 16 - 17)

    Great update PB. Keep up the good stuff!
  5. Questions for interview: Moderators

    How did you find Grinderscape? How was your first day getting promoted to Moderator, nervous? How has the actual time you spend playing the game changed? Do you find yourself distracted by people? Do you regret any decisions you have made as a staff member? What is your favorite aspect of this server? What is the main thing being a player?
  6. My grinderscape gurney is over

    Is this for real that you're leaving?
  7. Totem Message

    Could we have a message saying " The totem has been recharged and now ready to be used " or a different specific type of a totem. I know it's a small suggestion but it will help other people to see if their Knowledge Totem is done or luck totem etc.
  8. My Goals (WIP)

    Nice goals for yourself. Good Luck
  9. Pbbbbbbbbbbb

    Curious, why you using vannaka as your slayer master 0_o
  10. Updates??

    Seriously, pb is not just doing ge. He's putting more inputs that this can be a huge one like what he had for the combat update. Don't give up on what pb is doing then complain about it. If he takes a while to release it, it's worth the wait. This my opinion on this discussion.
  11. game question

    Woodcutting, making bars to coins, slayer & thieving the stalls at ::Ge
  12. Grinderscape Official Lottery #1

    Congrats on the winners !
  13. Official [SPECTRUM] Clan Thread

    Welcome to the team both of yous. Hope you can be comfortable for recruiter. For those who got declined. Don't give up!
  14. Official [SPECTRUM] Clan Thread

    I hosted a Hide and seek event today, i did low items to high items and they were : Dragon Boots Basket of Eggs Amulet of Fury Onyx Ring (i) The Winners were Dragon Boots : ( Forgot Name ) Basket of Eggs : Dannyxon Amulet Of Fury : Gooby Onyx Ring : Aparighara Thanks for the people that participated Stay Sexy Spectrum <3