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  1. Vet Staff Noob
  2. Buying These Sets in 1 or 2 ( if cant fit it in ) : Dervish Eastern Gold Mining Agile Set All for a Abyssal Vine Whip Message Me @Adam1343 In-Game
  3. Congratulations to myself and Lego69 on obtaining Recruiter For those who has Denied and Pending, keep out of trouble and concentrate on helping/yells constantly and advertising for spectrum! - AM
  4. When you say xbox Profile arts, may i have a special art?
  5. He wanted so badly tho. Meh, 2x sets left tho
  6. Hi Guys, i would like a Duration of the Eggs to hatch with different rank benefits. So normal players have to wait for 24 or 12 hrs it to hatch and i wanted to make Other ranks such as Super Donator and Extreme Donator alot shorter than them. Basic Donator : 10 Hrs Super Donator : 6 Hrs to hatch Extreme Donator : 4 Hrs to hatch The reason why i put lower hrs for ranks is so that we don't need to wait for 12 Hrs to hatch. Thanks for reading my suggestion - AM
  7. I chosen 3 because Zelda looks so cool !
  8. I agree with this suggestion. i had to go to Edgeville gen store for some yells credits. Support
  9. <name> the Wyrm Kill Wildy Wyrm 10 Times <name> the Wyrm Eater Kill Wildy Wyrm 50 Times <name> the Master Wyrm Kill Wildy Wyrm 100 Times Got Some Title Ideas
  10. In-game name: Adam1343 What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Recruiter What is your Timezone?: 10+ GMT How long have you played for?: 2.5 Years How many hours do you play per day?: 5 ( School Afternoon Days ) / 5 on a weekend How long you been a member of Spectrum?: 2 Years ago Do you have ::yell?: Yes Indeed. Why should your application be accepted?: Sometimes in my timezone no one is even awake to help, i try my best to survive to yell for others if they don't have that type of feature. Myself have great knowledge of locations|prices in grinderscape and tend to stable of each item. I'm very active so i can able to help the community. Recruiter To become ranked as a recruiter, you need to: Have played for at least 14 days. Yes i have Have considerable knowledge of prices/solutions to problems. Full Knowledge of Prices and other things. Be active (At least 4-5 days a week). I can managed that Be willing to conduct and execute orders given by Administrators and Moderators. Will accept full orders Thanks for reading my application. - AM
  11. Zimberfizz = charming imp if charming imp didn't make a before hand the pet drop will be Zimberfizz
  12. Lol look at ur bank ! So Cuuute.. Nice Goals
  13. Nomad is a unobtainable pet. Can only get him from reporting a Dupe. Support : - Polypore Dungeon / Polypore Stick / Polypore Magic Armour - Costumes - Decorative Sets Not Support - Drygore - Nomad Boss Nice Suggestions Valar. Keep it up !
  14. i suggest a eco reset on Kyle's bank