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  1. Questions: Administrative Team

    Can I come back as Staff?
  2. Grinderscape FUTURE OF PVP

    Spawn server = Jack pking
  3. Happy Independence Day

    Go get blind drunk!
  4. I love you Ziko <3
  5. Selling the goods

    Comment below or pm me in-game on what u want and offers. http://prntscr.com/dit0ap http://prntscr.com/dit0y9
  6. Denied. We do not you are ready to be an OMM. Try doing some more middleman transactions first. Re-apply in 2 weeks+
  7. Pending. We do not think you are quite ready to become an OMM just yet. Re-apply in 1-2 weeks.
  8. Trade limits removed or not

    If the Limit is removed would RWTing be allowed since that was one of the main reason the rule came back? Otherwise the rule will just come back within a few months and people will start getting banned again. @Soccerlove
  9. LOL

    It's funny how everyone is saying they are feel sorry for the Roo, If he didn't interfere that dog would be dead. The punch would not of done fuck all to the Roo, I say round 2 fk dah haters @Russ
  10. Ask me what you like.

    What don't I like?
  11. Happy 1 year anniversary

    yeeeeeoooowww Bunnings Snaggaaaaa Maaahbaaaah
  12. Denied. We do not think you have what is required to become an Official Middleman at this current time. I'd suggest spending a little more time on your application in the future. re-apply in 2 weeks.
  13. Pending. We would like to see that you can commit more time to activity before offering you the chance to be a middleman again. Please re-apply in the short future. Good luck for next time!
  14. Selling route to admin island

    this should be illegal again #fkthehaterz
  15. Introduction of rsgoldfast

    Is there a discount code?