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  1. In-Game Name: Timezone / Country: Belgium Age:17 Combat Level (If lower than 138, show stats via screenshot):138 Do you have any previous experience multi-pking or with any other clans? List them: edge history Do you have Skype?:yes Why would you be a good fit with the "Gang"?:cause im coolboys
  2. Hello, i am selling 100m rs07. Looking for offers and Will be using mm. Thanks all
  3. yes they add new rules but then u get banned for it while they added it to the new rules tho. And sven i wasnt banned at that moment so i didnt get a new chance
  4. Worth a try Just saying there will be alot players to get new chance
  5. Yo my suggestion is to give players new chance who got banned by soccerlove. Its a great idea and then there will be 700+ players online Greets !:kiss::kiss:
  6. I vote yes. Wish i was unbanned so i can down the staff at Wildy heuheu !
  7. Goodluck in RL !
  8. Exp wasting
  9. Wtf... Aight eoc server is coming up. What a shitty update. Time to quit this server is just turning to eoc! See you
  10. Well ofcourse. First of all the most oldschool players are banned and they quit. And 2nd the server stays alive by 5/10 off mods. Its so dieing day per day
  11. hello, im selling 10m rs07 gp will be using mm!! if intrested pm me in game. thank you