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  1. Thought you quit lol Welcome back tho
  2. Congrats noob
  3. Exactly this, do what you want. Aslong as you don't get bored of making them
  4. I remember you, welcome back mate!
  5. idc
  6. If a spawn world opens I could finally try pking without any risk
  7. After 3,5 years of hard staffhunting he finally got it. Can't say you didn't deserve it haha. Congrats, goodluck and I'm sure you'll do great!
  8. Get a life bruh.
  9. Ur still a noob.
  10. As some of you may now I've followed the study ground-, road -and water engineering (Civil Engineering).This was a four year education. And now, four years later, I've succesfully completed the education. I just thought I'd share this great moment with you guys.
  11. gl
  12. Yes finally another GFX from Kay! Great artwork, as usual mate Thanks for sharing! And this^
  13. Being donator on a rsps is more expensive then being member on the actual runescape. howbowdah OT: Other then that great updates.
  14. Welcome to Grinderscape, enjoy your stay!!