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  1. Anchovie appears to be unable to get atm. Therefore I eliminated it, Congrats @Iron Hood for winning this event. 2nd & 3rd prize are still on the table. Goodluck to all other participants!
  2. Shutup Kyle jkjk I luv u <3
  3. 150$ for a runescape private server. who in the hell is going to pay that amount of money for it in the first place. I mean cmonbruh
  4. I would love to see this added & indeed as you said "especially for hcim's". Great suggestion, support!
  5. I agree they are ugly as fuck as they are now. Wouldn't be hard to change them back as before. Thanks for the suggestion, support!
  6. Congratulations newfag! Enjoy your birthday
  7. That doesn't matter at all. Like Valar said you can just ask them to move to another location. It sounds like you are just powerhungry. Believe me if I say this is a bad idea.
  8. Great to see you hosted a give away, Taivo! Congratulations to the winners!
  9. It would be great tbh, but the fact is that our playerbase it just too small for this to work out. Therefore no support, thanks for the suggestion tho.
  10. I don't think it would be a good idea to give OMM's this "powerfull" ability in-game. I can see much abuse happen once this is introduced. No support, thanks for the suggestion tho.
  11. Congratulations man, great achievement. I'm getting there too, slowly....
  12. You should rename the video. How to lose money in grinderscape
  13. Scavenger hunt What is this Event About? You must create an Ironman Account with the name provided by Event Team ( Date is mentioned below ). The aim of this Event is easy, you have to collect the 28 items listed below, and once you gain all the items on your Ironman, you must keep them in your inventory, make a screenshot of all the items in your inventory + a screenshot of your stats and send a Forum PM to Koen. First 3 to complete the Event shall win. Rules: 1. If you DO NOT have all the items, you cannot be winner of the Event. 2. You HAVE TO make the account with the name given by the Event Team. (anything other then that will NOT be accepted.) Items to collect: Event Notes Players must wait till 24th of February 8 pm [GMT+1], for the name of the acount. Name must contain: Scv5 (name) example: Scv5koen Event Prizes: 1st place: Colored Partyhat 2nd price: Armadyl godsword 3rd price: Santa hat
  14. Always sad to see people leave, goodluck in whatever is next tho
  15. It's great to see you still make GFX works & use so much variation in them. Your signatures definetly start improving, it looks dope af.