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  1. tyvm for the help i changed my pass now and wrote it down

  2. sounds really great more then just standing around now if there was fishing it really be kool
  3. yes and i am trying for more 350m xp takes time and patients!!!!!
  4. this is a great update will my 350m xp i have had still work on this
  5. wasnt me i need a halo not a wreath
  6. ok ty for notice
  7. is it to late to get into this
  8. yes this sounds great want to participate for sure Merry Christmas to everyone on Grinderscape and Happy New Year !!!!!!!
  9. united states of america
  10. never been on grinderscape for Halloween Event but i agree it would be great fun Halloween is always a fun time for everyone ! Great idea lets do it
  11. just want to say hi to everyone on forums and on grinderscape