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  1. My sonn its been lit ill miss u kid idk how long or even if ill be around anymore aswell, but keep in touch on disc and snap brobro #gang
  2. Lord rope beat me 1-2, move him on
  3. Awesome topic idea, this will be a good event.
  4. Another easy win in the books and old nan stfu l0l
  5. Seems like nothing but a mass to me, who are you guys going to fight? Gl with the clan. Wish me and my squad were still around to fight you guys but naw lmao. @Im Cray It was fun memories with u but shit happen and we all not around anymore.. Gl irl btw the gang is over for good, we ended all our skype chats/group chats and all (thought id let u know).. You prob wont hear from me ever again or think bout me after u read this so gl in real life with whatever you decide to do Jake.
  6. Dam boys it's really all over now, been an amazing run for the years we been together. Maybe one day in the future when we all aren't busy with sports/girls/friends and enjoying our young men stages we can get up on another game as a squad. I'll keep in touch with all of you for real. I can gladly say we were the best clan to ever face Grinderscape no matter what the 30 year old men who we warred say. It's rather bitter sweet than upsetting to say that we all got so close and ran shit together on an online game. I'll miss you all, no regrets boys. #Tpn #BangGang #Centurions #TeamHavoc #TheWorm #Jay Wins Again. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES <3!!
  7. Someone was stalking my insta too much... Lmao imma miss you guys jajaja
  8. Keeping this short so..What up boys, Was debating on typing this a week ago, but i made my choice. Being banned for my past 2 weeks honestly made me just lost interest in this game and i don't wanna hang around on forums anymore (i barely did). Grinderscape was lit, now it's aight. Ya'll got some stuff to work on but meh it's still always gonna be #1 . My goal coming into this game was to run the Wilderness (which i did over my 3 year reign), To get richest in game (which i did multiple times). Every goal i had on here was accomplished so i show no regrets. I just wanna let the community know im not that asshole on shout causing drama 24/7 l0l.. If you got to know me you'd realize i'm somewhat chill :D. I have way 2 many people to shoutout so i'm not gonna do that shit. You know who you are.. Thank you everybody for making my time here fun as hell! I've met some great people on this game... But, as much of some of you may hate me you cant say that i didn't make the game fun l0l. Goodbye everybody once and for all - Mike/Jays0n/oldie/J.. ... @Bang Gang/Tpn- It's time daddy leaves Bye everybody i love you all thank you for staying loyal to me! Bang Gang/Tpn will always be #1!!! Was a pleasure leading you all to victory almost every war! I've got real life shit to worry about now.. I got some W's to take IRl . All of you have touch of me off game so if you want to talk hit my line! Thanks for the memories my children <3. #BG #TPN #kopK #aimK #cmenK #teamhavoc #wizards #the worm #jays0n wins again #Memories Will Last Forever<3. @Bang Brennan thank you for letting me be the Co-Leader of #1 Multi Pk Clan on Grinderscape forever. No matter what they say we always took the Win. #Bang gang never give up! Hope we keep in touch off game bro! Proud Ex Co-Leader forever. Keep all the boys heads up and try to find someone to fill my spot. Remember small clans > big clans.. Don't trust any rat's (besides saied) because whats dead may never die. Keep up the good work G we came a long way from being members in Team Havoc together to being probably 2 Leaders who will be remembered on Grinderscape forever! Bye bro love u man <3 @Staff- Thank u guys i know i was a pain in the ass to deal with but i'm gone so staffing should be ezpz Bye all GL IRL.
  9. Welcome back, sucks i cant clean u bc im banned jk lmao but welcome back beast
  10. mhmm Gl w staff
  11. Good luck in wild my dude. i hope ur clan grows and we can have some dope wars! -delin
  12. Update: Just won 290b ---------- Post Merged on 07-13-2016 at 11:05 AM ---------- Previous Post was on 07-12-2016 at 04:58 PM ---------- Update : Up about 400b more
  13. Yes for me, always helpful and a cool dude