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  1. Thx And I am making more ) Hhhhh ty The clips were old and I never made a video for it, but I'll try and show the profit staking. Sometimes in my inv I have most the items Thanks lol, and I have a lot of things I recorded from ages ago and I never had time or felt like editing, so ye I did just edit it. He's an omm because as I said, the clips are old lol.
  2. So, I got bored so I decided to take some old clips and make a video. All feedback is appreciated whether it's positive or negative. I still got a lot of other clips, so I'm debating if I should make videos again. Thanks for watching though guys.
  3. In-Game Name: Killers12376 Timezone ( Helps in matchmaking ): GMT -5 I think How long are you online, on average? ( Helps in matchmaking ): 1 hour+ depends Weapon Game Melee Level:513 Weapon Game Range Level:503 or 504 Which Style would you be participating in ( Melee/Range/Both): Both
  4. Congrats Joeeee <3 ))) Goodluck with your duties now
  5. Ye I support all except the first one unless the blessed ss is added from 07 or something cuz ss spec and bgs is supposed to be 100% right? Lol
  6. God of Valar wasnt taking my items and said wait then all of a sudden the kid says he paid me 10m osrs and then all this shit happened but theres no need to bring all this shit to forums, that's immature and annoying
  7. I voted for Koen also he's active both ingame & on forums and I feel like he's a mature person, just my opinion though
  8. nice pk supply aysar =) u is gud pker bro =)
  9. Lol it's still March 10th 2016 4:02 pm for me so I dont understand why you made it so quickly and disqualified us since its not really fair but alright gl gies
  10. In-Game Name: Killers12376 Weapon Game Melee Level:513 Weapon Game Range Level:504 Which Style would you be participating in ( Melee/Range/Both): Both All I gotta say is "L"
  11. Pending for recruiter will talk to naoufal ing )))))) and get back to you soon
  12. Looooool well most of the times i got wot i win in inventory since im usually using clips from in da moment but oke i'll try 7bebe :cccc yiss !!!!!!! Ty noob Thankssss :Dddd Thanks and ye staking gets intense at some points but if I lose da stake den you know its not so intense D: True tyty
  13. Congratz on ss!
  14. Not da best video/editing/stakes or anything but I felt like I needed to upload something because my last upload was around 2 weeks ago since making a pk video will prolly take a while I also got an idea where I make "rebuilding videos" of starting off with 1 item and try to get 10, 25, 50 of those items/items with the same value etc. and I also get 3 chances or sumthing n after I achieve how many of that certain item I wanted to get I start staking another item and try to accomplish the same ) but idk only time will tell As always feedback is much appreciated )))))))) :hug: