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Kimberly last won the day on March 20 2014

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  1. The basic filter.
  2. Good luck at your new job!
  3. Please don't leave me again lover. :(


  4. Mannnn, it sucks to be you now. People won't leave you alone. 

    1. Acolyte


      I'm an attention whore, i like it

    2. Kimberly


      Well, just for that I'm not going to give you anymore attention!

  5. Saw you visit .. miss you Kim

    I hope all is well

    1. Kimberly


      I miss you too! Everything is great, except for finals coming up. How are you doing?

    2. Colt


      I'm good .. waiting for my holidays to come around lol


  6. [video=youtube;5up5B9n7ICA] Bryce Fox- Horns
  7. Oh shit, I'm glad you're okay. Hopefully you have a better birthday next year.
  8. uhhhh, I can't even walk straight without falling; awesome dance moves!
  9. I nominate, Sophie. -No matter how busy she is, or what's going on she's willing to stop just to help someone out. Also, her activity is awesome. #TeamSophie.
  10. Can you please do real maid things? My place is a mess. -Welcome back.
  11. I thought it said "stalker" I'm disappointed now.
  12. I'm no longer feeling 22.
  13. Kimberly, 215 all the way!