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  1. (Your post does not say it is, anywhere), but I would like to point out that #1 in fact is not ESO, but rather, TES V; Skyrim in case some of you did not know. OT: Well done to everyone participating this month, I would personally like to vote for #4, in this case, it is what most encapsulates what a signature is. To add some critique; The render can be rather hard to see, and your text needs to be more than barely visible next time, well done!
  2. Aside from the very obstructive vertical sword, it looks really nice. Colours are more fit than our current ones in my opinion.
  3. What happen?

    You gave me a warning, just because I answered LOL to my friend's comment ?????????????????????????????????? ??????????



  4. Something like slayer resource dungeons or along those lines sounds like it could be useful. Hampering slayer exp because people are farming some monster to shit is counter-productive if the game wishes to be community-friendly in my opinion. Support!
  5. Jad

    Jad is ez as shit goml, do it with melee and no food. Ggez.
  6. It makes perfect sense to add runes to rewards, they've always dropped that in RS, so I see no reason not to implement it.
  7. Congratulations Woody, I hope you remain the same positive person you've been thus far and don't let any of this get to your head. If done correctly, you'll be an amazing staff member!
  8. Okay, so if I'm interpreting this correctly, you made a signature without a background, right? It looks nice, liking the colourmixing between cyan and white, it just plain works. Keep at it.
  9. This one's a year old, but if you haven't heard this one, it's one you don't want to miss!
  10. Plata o Plomo is fucking amazing @Valar
  11. Fuck outta here that ain't even hardstyle
  12. best thing of all time
  13. You've been given your rank in-game now, so I closed your thread. Just thought I'd let you know. 

  14. Hello