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  1. Ezpz gratz man
  2. Welcome back for 13 days Ziko
  3. Congrats Tyler! Well deserved keep it up fam
  4. Congrats Chris!! I'm sure you'll do great
  5. Welcome back Jordy! Thanks for the mini update
  6. Some good updates here tbh. I'm sure a lot of people will be happy to see yell back . Love the new item graphics!
  7. Not bad Olly Keep it up bro
  8. Omg Katie!! How are you?! Good to see you back on this not spoke to you in ages!
  9. Happy birthday Yogi! Have a good day mate
  10. Gratz man get to arma now nub
  11. Congratulations Adam! You have been doing a great job in game. Well deserved
  12. Good luck with school and stuff man
  13. Congrats Ole keep up the great work man and very sad to see Matheus leave us. I know how hard he worked and I would love to see him return in the future <3
  14. This would be a nice little feature tbh
  15. This is sick